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Thread: Quick Dumb questions about lava hound as defense cc

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    Quick Dumb questions about lava hound as defense cc

    I'm sorry i didn't find the answer at wowwiki. So I'm asking here. If hound as defensive cc break up into pup. And the pup still remains after successful defense. Will the hound return into original state inside clan castle for next defense? Thank you
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    Just a guess here but I would say no.

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    I thought the hound will live in that case like golem lives if golemites survive.
    At least, that was one opinion on this thread 5 years back-

    The wiki does state that golemites will allow the golem to come back.
    Not sure about lava hound or even golemites thing is true these days though.
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    A Golemite surviving will keep your CC if it's a golem but this is not true of a hound. I've have plenty of defenses where I had pups left at the end of the raid but the hound in my CC disappeared. Not sure why the different mechanics between the two, but so it is. Fair warning, this may have changed recently as I haven't used the LaLo CC since 11, I use two dragons now, so it's possible it's been updated. I would not assume so, however.
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