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Thread: Rebuilding Level 5 War Clan! #V9QRQLJL

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    Rebuilding Level 5 War Clan! #V9QRQLJL

    Hey guys, I started the clan H3ADHUNT3RS in 2017. After a hiatus from Clash, I'm looking to rebuild this clan and try and make it into something it once was. It is a level 5 clan (almost level 6!) that is (going to be) a war clan.

    I'm looking for people to help me rebuild the clan and compete in wars! Anyone can join of any level, just preferable no rushed bases and only English speakers.

    I am looking for co's and elders to help rebuild, nothing to strenuous, just people who are active, friendly, will participate in wars and donate.

    So if you're interested join us! Hope to see you soon!

    Happy Clashing!

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    Still looking for more members to join up! Also still looking for a couple more co leaders!

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