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    Quote Originally Posted by pb913 View Post
    If you were able to do this along with the first person...that's impressive (or costly). TH9 you can have both hero's down at the same time....TH10 that's almost you start to get to the 7 day hero wait. If you figure 3k DE profit per attack, just to get 120k DE that takes 40
    When I'm hunting dark with my 3rd account (TH11 in Champs 3), I never attack a base with less than 6K dark. And I use a pure lix army - edrsgs, loons, rages, freezes.

    That account has queen maxed (50), king 37, and quite a lot of building upgrades to go.

    At Th10 those are slightly harder to find, but still not impossible, and I still use a pure lix army (usually miners based).
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
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    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CallMeRoger View Post
    Would you rather upgrade your Townhall with underleveled defenses/troops and get 3 starred everyday or sacrifice your useless DE to max your current Townhall? By the way, how in the world can you max every DE upgrades before Gold's/Elixir's?
    my main TH11 was done with de upgrades weeks ago. i still have buildings and over 150 walls to upgrade. i really don't know how you don't finish de first, at least at th10&11... unless you simply don't prioritize DE when looting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pb913 View Post
    If you were able to do this along with the first person...that's impressive (or costly). TH9 you can have both hero's down at the same time....TH10 that's almost you start to get to the 7 day hero wait. If you figure 3k DE profit per attack, just to get 120k DE that takes 40 either you attack like a mad man...or you've been a TH10 for a LONG time without upgrading defenses. Based on the numbers (there are sites that calculate this)...defense should finish before DE.

    I'm on my 3rd account...and am very specific about what I'm upgrading (skipping half of the DE troops). The DE troops I have upgraded, I used hammers so I didn't need to steal DE....and I'm still working on my TH10 Hero's to max (39 and 26...I jumped to th10 with my BK at 26).
    Just for shizz and giggles, a TH10 can loot around a max of 9k DE per raid off another TH10. That doesnít even include any league and star bonuses which sure can add up over time. Sure those extremes arenít around that abundantly however itís perfectly possible to profit much more then 3k a raid if you hunt for it. With a DE focused style itís perfectly possible to max DE stuff in TH10 first if you finished heroes at TH9 and most DE stuff at TH9 as well.

    Now IF you farm your 3 accounts up the exact same way then you basically only have 1 and the same experience several times. However there are several ways to play and gain resources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by higgsbosons View Post
    I would exclude the clans who play th12 only wars with non rushed bases. So exluding a few thousand clans form champ and master league from it but for the overwhelming rest of the million(s) of clans it is true. Replacing lower th's with rushed th12's with one war army upgraded would help all of them. They can be found in numerous groups in silver/gold/crystal leagues currently.
    Yep, agree, although in that situation (the clans with enough full th12s to fill their CWL roster) he isn't getting into the CWL wars whether he upgrades or not so that won't be a consideration for him.

    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Click here for answer on how cc troops deploy (hint, it depends) and more info here. How is war map placement of max halls determined you ask, check out threads like this one. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, check this thread on how to fight collusion here.

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    To me thatís not rushing .... rushing is a th11 with level5 walls , th7 defenses and maxed offense.

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    6,908 you can see, there are responses centered around classic clan wars, “religious” responses, and a WIDE variety of definitions of what constitutes a “rushed” game. This is what makes the topic so contentious.

    Anyone who is honest about it knows that the vast majority of players do not fully max their game before upgrading to the next TH. When to pull the pin on that upgrade, though, depends on your personal comfort and clan’s needs. It really is all about how you play the game. Just be sure you consider all the pros and cons. Done too soon, it will be hard to farm or war (classic CWs) and some clans will not accept you. If you’re in a stable clan, don’t care so much about war, have the support of your clan can mean more rapid advancement, the ability to donate more/better troops/spells and even Siege Machines, as well as a boost in CWL.

    Eyes wide open and you’ll be fine.
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    On my three account only my original account has never been "rushed" at some point. I upgraded everything to max for each TH level. There were plus and minus to doing this. The minus were the obviously wasted resources, the not so obvious minus was the war weight when I was grinding out those last few walls or that last upgrade in the research. The years of engineering or strategic account development left players like myself a bit of a liability to our clans.

    At the end of the day after you read all the advice everyone here gives you, what matters most is if you have fun playing the game a specific way then play it that way and to heck with anyone else. Listen to the advice because it will help sometimes but have fun!!

    That is the most important part.
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    I dont feel rushing is bad , if you are active enough you can recover any rushed base.
    but warring with rushed account is a bad idea
    I did hyper rush on 3 accounts , now they are close to max
    If you feel you have maxed de upgrades , dont hesitate to upgrade your TH
    <<<I like hyper rushing>>>

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorJohnson View Post
    Rushing really depends, I created a couple rushed TH12s in a year but if I'm going to be a rushed TH12, I'm going to be the most epically rushed TH12 in existence.

    Who in their right mind would have a TH12 with no offense at all? That would be crazy.
    Wierd suggestion whoever you are. Why would anyone ever do that, engineering is about keeping offence above defence to take advantage of having 2 hits so 6 stars vs one base Max loss 3 stars. You probably have a wall of red in your war log. You should read some of the old archives on engineering to Learn how to do it, allthough i dont think its possible to do anymore anyway.
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    would you all call this rushed

    currently max teslas, eagle, giga, air defenses, air sweepers, x bows, wizard towers, army camps, cc, lab, sege workshop, spell makers, barracks
    lv 16 archer and lv15 cannons
    infernos need 1 upgrade each
    lv 5 bomb towers(working on atm), lv 8 mortors
    heroes aq 65, gw 40, bk 53(working on him atm also)
    walls lv10-11

    troops and spells i use are maxed but ones i never use are 2-3 lvs below max for donation(was 2 but i never did a bowler upgrade to donate max)

    by december i should have lv55 king and i plan on going th13 asap, max lab, use power potions while i max my attack troops, and max any other improvement in attack like camps, barracks, cc. then working on defences

    so am i still rushed as a th12?
    i currently use elixir on walls cause nothing else i want with it, but th13 should add more elixir upgrades for offense. will i be considered slightly rushed or severely rushed when only improvement i can make on my th12 attack is my king and i can easily do that and much more once th13
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