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Thread: Th8 looking for a good active clan

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    Max Th8 looking for a good active clan

    I am an active max th8, and I've been looking for a good active friendly clan for awhile... Plz and thank you

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    Hey! You're welcome to join my clan H3ADHUNT3RS. I'm trying to rebuild it, it is a level 5 (almost level 6 ) war clan. I'm looking for people to help me help it grow! Heres the tag if you're interested! #V9QRQLJL

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    If you wanna be plan of a newly formed clan you can also join my clan [Andoste]! Clan ID: #2PLC8PVOR

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    Hey, welcome to join my clan. My name is Ethan I am the leader. We are mainly TH8-11 looking for active and mature players. We also do nonstop wars.


    I'll send an invite.

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    Our clan is called ‘One Piece’


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