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    Clan Castle woes

    Hey CoC i don't know if this was ever suggested but, sometimes when you in a clan and you request troops eg' 'Pekka' and someone sends you only goblins... yes annoying i know. What i was suggesting is that the CC have a option whereby you select the troops and Spells you want, then when someone donates they can only donate for what you selected in your CC.

    That's my suggestion and I'm up for a discussion on it

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    Yes. This has been suggested and discussed to death. Yes a lot of players want this. Along with a seperate que just for troops to donate. Super cell is aware of these things. All we can do is hope we get it.

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    Clan castle

    Add an option to mute someone from donating, sometime there are people that we don't want to kick them and also don't want them to donate wrong, better give an option to mute/unmute someone from donating

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    If they are donating wrong after being asked not to do so, you should kick them.

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    Fix the Clan Castle donation

    It's very frustrating that there are many players who make a mess with donations.. You guys need to list/give us info the names of the players who made the donation (like if you click on the troop image in the cc there's gonna pop up an information about the player name who made the donation), so no one else can make a mess again, it'll be a great change to the game.. Please do it in the next update, otherwise I will be disappointed.

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    You will be disappointed. In the frequently requested seciont of the ruled out read before posting sticky post at the top.
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    Sorry, but this idea is ruled out. Please make use of the Sticky of all ruled out ideas on the previous page of this sub-forum. Also two words for your "predicament": Clan Management.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdome757 View Post
    If they are donating wrong after being asked not to do so, you should kick them.
    Agreed. Make it clear what you want in your request, including from whom. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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