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Thread: Clan rule by newly ranked co-leaders. All the clan are now coming in under one clan.

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    Clan rule by newly ranked co-leaders. All the clan are now coming in under one clan.

    Dear Supercell,
    Many new players are screaming that! You have added a recruitment tool to the game that only disappoints new players.
    Whenever new players request to join. The high-ranking clan rejects the new player's 'request to join'. The leader understands that his clan is available to maximum players. Incidentally, if I add him to the clan, he will get nothing, but only he will get maximum army, no chance to play in war. If he is given a chance, he will disappoint the clan. if not! Will then leave the clan and open a new clan of their own but the older players do not like to join the new clan because they do not want to leave the benefit of 'clan perks'.
    A clan is required to encourage players to be competent. But many clans have determined that he will invite only a select few.
    I want to give you an idea what will happen if we request to add clans instead of players? Only 5 tribes can be combined into one clan?
    That is, Level 16 leaders, all fall under the Level 16 clan ruling. Level 1 and above, second level 6 and above, third level 11 and above and finally level 15.
    Like there will be a chatting channel of 5 clan in which one can ask who is going to play war and who is not.
    Level 15 clan co-leaders will be the leaders of all four tribes. He will be responsible for handling other clans. The one who successfully manages the clan will receive XP. To understand the new players, it is necessary to interact with the old players. This is possible through the interaction of 5 clans. Maybe he gets a chance to play in a higher level clan which is the best in wars. All 5 clan will work under one flag and give 50% XP to maximum players.
    I would say, all 5 tribes are being implemented as the 'Presidential dynasty'.
    Clan rule by co-leaders with new rank.

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    so a pyramid scheme where the clan at the top is the only one that benifits?
    There are existing clans that have this mechanism through feeders. mine does not, we just fight in one clan.

    this could just asset strip from the lower clan and what is the higher clan won't dump a clan they have taken all viable members from, then move like the borg to another part of the galaxy?

    if this is ever done the clan structure must be locked down with no flexibility to swap out failing lower clans, so those at the top must help the ones they drained

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    You mentioned new players joining clans with majority strong players and they might not be able to contribute. Making it where a few clans comes together as a tribe will basically have the same result, as if you have a strong clan, you would want to be matched with other clans that are the same level, so the newer players will still be in the same position.

    While the current recruiting system still needs work, players can still try to find a clan by using advance search filter to find a clan around their level.

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    I have many friends who handle different levels of clan and there are many people who have many clans of the same name. He has a group interactive resource (WhatsApp) through which he incorporates better players into his top clan club. In the CWL season, they are fed from the top team for better results than the top clan. The chances of winning the fight increase as well as the fight is excellent and the CWL 'league level' also increases. Why is this happening? We have an interactive resource. We do not have a chat channel in this game. Is, but sufficient for the clan. I guess why can't we negotiate with the five clans? If this happens, the CWL can be played with multiple players, also with the best players, who belong to the other clan. Meanwhile, if a new player wants to play the CWL, they can also play the lower clan (who fall into the top clan of the clan) with that group. I want to tell you one thing! Why does the best player not want to play war with new players. Because new players disappoint them. Therefore the leader selectively involves the people in the war because they do not want to risk losing the war. Why does this happen? So if you want, you can start 5 different CWL wars of 5 clan. In which all the Th12 will play from the top clan and Th8 will play from the lower clan, in which everyone will get equal chance and new players will also get a chance. It has been seen many times that some players are not available for combat and you have a technical limit to add players to 5,10,15,20 etc. if a clan has 7 players to battle! Where will the other two players go? He wants him to play the battles, but is technically unable to add them as the battle is limited to 5 people.
    I want to tell you that if the top clan controls the people of all the tribes such as starting a war, then all will be able to join together. The job of the top clan leaders is to start the war of the other four tribes only, it is limited to the CWL only. This will be their job.

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