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Thread: War Battle not showing Troop Preview Screen

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    War Battle not showing Troop Preview Screen

    Before you start your war battle you're supposed to get a troop preview screen which shows the state of your troops and asks "are you ready?"

    I have had two players whiff battles this evening tell me that this is no longer happening.

    As I have a major streak going and would like to prevent future disasters, is anyone else seeing this?

    One left the clan without telling me what OS it was.
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    Works fine here.

    Did they fail their attacks? Maybe they needed a reason.🙄
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    I'm thinking that it's easier for a person to blame the game rather take responsibility for their own hastiness. They probably clicked past that screen without checking their army then didn't want to admit fault.

    Since it sounds like one player even left your clan before telling you the OS, they obviously had not loyalty to your clan, so what motivation would they have to tell you the truth that they screwed up? They ran from their problem rather than own up.

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