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    the cancellation of global is not the ONLY reason behind lack of interest in play, there are other factors such as no new content and discontent with AI and balancing ratios, and I personally believe it is the latter that plays the bigger part

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    I think people are confusing lack of activity with the recent change to global.
    Imo it is we are so close to a new th level being released.

    The activity has dipped prior to a new th level ever since I can recall from being a max 10 and waiting 6 months for TH11. I was one of the first maxed th10 at the time in my clan, by the time 11 rolled around, we had about 20, many which went from daily log ins to couple of times a week, since there was nothing much to do. Same thing happened prior to TH12, I was the first maxed TH11 in my clan, and clan was active, by the time 12 was released we had 10-15 maxed bases with limited activity.

    Now we are at the same place again, but it is even more pronounced, since so many items are available for base progression, there are more max bases. When CWL came out our clan had 5 th12's, 2 months ago we had 26. Personally I have done maybe 20 multiplayer attacks in the last 2-3 months, I have not logged in since CWL, and I am not the only one in my clan in the same situation. Once new content is available, I am quite sure most clans activity will increase dramatically with something new to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Absolutely no. This would cause such a riotous storm of angst and outcry that even the eldritch old gods would cover their ears and shield themselves from the complaining.
    Hahahahaha.. I did say, not sure if its viable or logical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Absolutely no. This would cause such a riotous storm of angst and outcry that even the eldritch old gods would cover their ears and shield themselves from the complaining.
    Well, it seems like there was (and still is) "a riotous storm of angst and outcry..." when you took away the global, but you did it anyway. So, maybe not "absolutely no".

    I personally spend much less time in the game now without global, it was an excellent way to waste the 20- 30 minutes downtime of the heroes. Now, like millions of others, I log in, if possible attack in multplayer with my 3 accounts and then log off.

    Obviously you guys probably don't care because yes, I pay for the pass.. but as a "normal" (not super-high player for 5 years maxed-out bases) player at least, in my clan, there is a lot less activity.

    I find myself actually getting bored. Yes, sure, there will be an upgrade, more things to build etc, but then the next plateau will be reached and it will happen all over again. Pity, but there it is.

    This game was fantastic because it incorporated not only strategy but also communication with the outside world at the same time. I am part of a Telegram group in Italy but there are +6k members and it is impossible to have a conversation (and yes, Discord servers, hundreds of them with the same problem, either too fractured or overcrowded). Global filled that hole. (I miss it, in case you didn't get the point).

    And again, from my point of view, activity is seriously down.

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    My Clan wasn't affected by the removal of global chat at all. Most of us didn't use it to chat, and we didn't recruit via global. Discord is much better if you want serious applications. We have around 20 players online in the evening, doing fcs most of the time. We are pushing this month because it is the last season before th13 and a lot of players take part in it and do their 8 attacks everyday.

    I don't get bored after I'm finished maxing my base. That's when the fun really begins, you can only really enjoy end game content (Legend League, Clanwars, Clanwar League, Tournaments...) if you are maxed. I feel sorry for those who only play the game to upgrade their base. Clash of Clans has so much more to offer.

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    It's already in game's terms & conditions that details related to account or sharing or exchanging accounts is against their policy. If people are still getting involved and trapped into such phishing activities through an in-game feature, isn't that there own fault? Even after that, for the sake of players, Supercell took one hard step to solve that matter. So, it's basically the fault of those players that global is gone. Stop abusing devs for what took place because of lack of attention by few players. There was the option to *mute*, not sure that small percent of players know about it. I have used *mute* feature a lot. It made the global a nice place to spend the break when your army trains.

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    OP activity is definitely down. Not sure how the other clans manage it but new recruits became something of a past. We decided to close our lvl22 clan after 4 years coz we can't keep activity up. Hopefully something in the December update will change the downward spiral.

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    The Game is about to die but the arrogance of the creators is incredible
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    I agree with Hazelgraze the op activity is right down it’s hard to get troops. Seems pathetic donating to myself but that’s how it is.
    Ppl are just jumping on jumping off

    The #2 comment from Phoenix: ‘well ok u complaining but instead of whinny posts come up with an alternative and maybe SC will take notice’
    Well Hmmm
    Have read SC don’t take much notice of forumers unless suits them to say that ‘events’ are driven by the ‘community’
    They said global dead end of.
    Maybe some upgrade to ‘find a clan feature’

    They must have data on how long ppl on how long they play for.
    If it’s gone right down as I agree with OP it has.
    Surely THEY will do something: not up to us to come up with ideas.
    When have they ever listened???

    Incidentally there are some super active clans where lots of ppl on and insta donate - but they seem increasingly niche - loon clans - in my experience. But would be nice if ppl in my current clan were incentivised to be on more.
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    Activity is way down for sure. I have th11 and just gone to th12 people who have been excellent war performers (never missed an attack and solid attackers) green-opted in and not attacking in war. I don't want to kick them as I have no way to recruit new players. I can't put them in war either. They are th11 and early th12 so th13 doesnt really explain it. Maybe they will come back with th13 update.. I hope so. Or maybe the fix to the recruit tool will work. An "online now" sticky would be nice...

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