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Thread: The Official Massacre Clan Recruiting Thread

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    Thumbs Up The Official Massacre Clan Recruiting Thread

    We are recruiting townhall 11+ for clan war league. No rushed bases. Massacre #8Y8YCPQ


    Massacre Clan is looking to add new active and competitive members to our ranks. We focus on being a fun environment while still having a focus on winning. Our strategy is focused around helping each other grow so that each member can hold their own. We do this through friendly active discussion about the game and strategies, we are looking for other players with the same mentality.

    We always max clan games and are avid CWL participants. We make sure that everyone in the clan who is available gets into enough CWL matches to max medals. For regular wars we war 2 times a week back to back starting on Wednesday @5pm EST.

    Massacre Clan Stats:

    Members: 40
    Level: 15
    Clan War League: Crystal 1
    War Record: 332/84


    Town Hall 11+ (This applies to alts you want to bring)
    Combined Hero Level: 75
    Non-rushed offense and defense
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    Massacre is looking for active members

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    CWL soon!! We always complete it check us out

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    Join us for max clan games!

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    Join up, clan games almost maxed already

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    Multiple members are maxed th12 and will be making immediate jump to th13, we will be donating th13 troops

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    Still recruiting new townhall 11/12 for cwl, max clan games, reg war

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    Looking to add active players before th13 drops

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    Still adding new members, have slots for upcoming cwl

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    Looking to add members for cwl

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