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Thread: Maxed War Weight for each town hall level

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    Maxed War Weight for each town hall level

    I've got quite a few accounts, about half of them are maxed perma bases and the others I am working them towards being maxed perma bases. I was just curious to know the war weight for maxed th10, th11 and th12 bases. Mainly so I can know where my bases at those level compared to a maxed one.

    These are my maxed bases and their respective war weights
    LUVMENOW th5 maxed (WW 20)
    DEEP-N-LUV th6 maxed (WW 30)
    KRAZY LUV th7 maxed (WW 40)
    SWEET'n LUV th8 maxed (WW 55)
    LUV THRILL th9 maxed (WW 70)

    Here are my other bases and their current war weights
    puppy LUV th8 maxed King (WW 52) still working on defenses, lab and walls on this account.
    BABY LUV th10 30/30 heroes (WW 72) no it yet, defense is maxed th9 lvl
    LUV HURTZ th10 31/31 heroes (WW 73) no it yet, defenses are maxed th9 lvl, this will become my perma th10 account
    DJ-luv2013 th11 maxed heroes (WW 107) nearly maxed got 5 defenses left and 138 wall pieces until maxed, last elixir troop upgrading in the lab now
    BAD @ LUV 40/40/25 heroes (WW 110) defenses are about th8 lvl now, lab got a long way to go and walls are mainly th10 lvl; this will become my perma th12 account

    THRILLNIFICENT th10 34/34 heores (WW 85) lvl 1 inferno towers, defenses maxed th9 lvl

    Just in case my original question was forgotten, since it was at the very beginning before I started listing all of my accounts.

    What is the war weight for fully maxed th10, th11 and th12 bases?
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