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    UI misplaced since spring update

    Ever since the spring update (the one that first introduced the valley), the UI on my Samsung Galaxy S10e changed. All the buttons and stuff (e.g. news, chat) that are located on the left edge of the screen were moved a bit to the right. They are now located past the selfie-camera of the phone; with a gap between them and the actual edge of the screen (that gap shows my farm in the background; so no, I did NOT activate Android's option to put a black bar there). Ever since then, those UI parts obstruct my view and regularly get in the way when I'm trying to do stuff. Please move them back to the edge, where they belong.

    I've already made a topic about this back in August, but didn't get a single reply. It also wasn't fixed in the meanwhile. So I just have to assume that the devs do not actually know about this yet. I've tried bumping my old topic, but that bump was simply deleted by a mod without any indication as to why.

    I myself firmly believe that bug reports should not go unnoticed; therefore I am, after several months, trying to bring some attention to this again.

    And before a mod deletes this... please do consider that if I wouldn't have written that I've made this topic once before, you would actually have no idea at all that the same topic already exists back on page xx. So please, do not encourage dishonesty by deleting or locking this topic.

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    Could be of the notches on various phone models. Do you happen to have a screen shot of it?


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    Actually, you may be right with that; even though I was 100% sure it wasn't that (for the reasons described below).

    Looking through my screenshots, it actually appears to have been activated before. Maybe an Android update changed something at the same time. I'm quite sure I have actually disabled the notch when I first got the phone. When I enable it now, it's there even on my homescreen and stuff; which it clearly wasn't back then. I also don't think I've touched that setting anymore ever since I've made that initial choice.

    So it appears it's not Hay Day who changed, but Android who sneakily changed a setting to off which I hadn't turned on to begin with... eh... or so. And Hay Day is the one app where it's noticeable the most because of the GUI elements on the left side of the screen. Either way; I think it would be cool if there would be an option to move those buttons all the way to the left side; but I assume that would be a feature request then.

    So, sorry for prematurely "blaming" Hay Day; I was mistaken (though I do hope it's at least partially understandable how that could happen). Thanks a lot for your reply and your time!

    For the curious; here are the screenshots:

    June 19th

    July 22nd
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    Thanks for the screenshot. I was not getting this at all, neither last time nor this time around. I am on an iPad and the buttons could not be anymore left...

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    Hm; maybe it is some sort of a bug then after all. Depends on how exactly the notch works. If it just cuts off the left part of the screen, then it would indeed cut off the access to the chat panel and stuff; so it technically makes sense for the buttons to be farther to the right at all times just in case. Although... can't Hay Day detect that setting somehow? If the notch is activated, move the buttons to where they are for me now; if not, leave them all the way to the left.

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    Good luck with getting it sorted somehow because that would be REALLY annoying!

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