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    Good morning everyone,

    Iím curious as to why we havenít had a bingo or mystery derby in the last 4 weeks?? So far we have had 3 normal derbies. Hereís the list so far

    Normal (current derby)

    here is a list of derbies you can choose from...

    I know there are plenty of derbies we could be doing but you only stick with these 3 the most. Please change up the derbies each week... Doing the same derbies all the time gets boring...

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    I would like to see a another Bingo Derby. I like getting the 3 extra columns of rewards for getting 3 Bingos.

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    I would like to finish the achievement on the house for the bingo derby. I’m starting to not be a fan of derbies...

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    My baby farm needs just 1 more bingo line. Plus I also like the extra prizes. I wish they were more often.

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    bingo, bingo, bingo

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