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Thread: What Are Your Rules?

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    What Are Your Rules?

    So thereís Hay Day rules and then there are your NHís rules, but what are your personal rules that you play by?

    Iím the leader of a small, happy hood with very minimal rules. Basically 9 max point derby tasks if you choose to opt in and use the birdhouse for easy silo items to help others get the achievement. Granted if you follow these rules and still donít fit our helpful, polite hood, weíll have to part ways. But of course I do have my own rules in my head lol that I play by. Here are my 5, what are yours?

    1 - I fill loads of boat crates incl. hard items for outsiders. If I have enough Iíll fill it....EXCEPT if youíve flagged every crate of a harder item. Even if that incl. a nh crate. Sorry, youíve gotta do something to fill that product, Iíll keep my 9 butters tyvm....just like you are.

    2 - No town or truck helps flagged or provided. I donít even look at them. Ever. Even in my nh. I donít think thereís anything wrong with these flags but Iíve got my own demanding town to feed and if I generally donít do my own trucks, Iím not doing others either.

    3 - Iíll purchase 3 crates max within my nh. But publicly flagged rules, no limits. I really donít care if you spread out your diamond rings into many slots....I bet you wouldnít care if I bought all your full price corn in multiple slots.

    4 - I sell to nh newbies at full price. Once Iím comfortable that youíre helpful as well, itís base price regardless of the item or what price you sell at.

    5 - This is within my nh. Ya just gotta say how many of a bem or sem you need. If you just say ďAnyone have bolts?Ē I ignore that. What does that mean? Are you just collecting? Cause so am I. Now if you say ďCan anyone sell me 7 boltsĒ or any number under 10, I will give that to you immediately. Even if I need less than that. I know I have a bigger barn so space pressure isnít such a big deal for me. But I need a number!

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    Interesting Why would you make different rules for neighbours and strangers tho? I mean buying 3 vs. buying all?

    My rules hmmm...

    I help if I have enough goods to spare or a help task/event. I always check friends needing help before searching the paper for people needing help.

    I will advertise something boring (wheat or flowers) in the paper if I need help but I will also put some nice products or expansion items that I don't need atm as 'thank you' for potential helpers. If you buy that or my advertised goods and don't help me, thats fine, too.

    If you help me, I will check via the last helpers task if your farm needs help, too, and will always help if I have the reqired items. If you don't need help right now, I will check back later to see if I can help you back.

    I buy what I need/want. If I put something in my shop any neighbor/friend/stranger is free to buy as much as they like.

    I use the bird house if I need something and nobody is online. If somebody asks for something in the neighbourhood, I will sell it if I have spares.
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    Hoodies pretty much get everything they ask for if needed for boat, town, truck, or task for 1c. This was never a rule just the way we play. When asking we usually say: I need two blankets, paying full price. If we put up four flags on a boat we also put up a sale item so it goes in the dd. No one is expected to fill all crates. We let everyone know when premium items will be going on sale shortly in dd at full price. This way they get to pick first. Our hood is extremely generous. If a new person comes in and is a beggar and doesn't balance their asking and helping then it is mentioned to them that it works both ways.

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    Derby is simply 9 x 300+ or opt out.

    otherwise, if we have, we share. It’s unconditional.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OutOfIdeas View Post
    Interesting Why would you make different rules for neighbours and strangers tho? I mean buying 3 vs. buying all?
    Well I think my hoodies are stocking their shops for all hoodmates specifically, not me individually. Whereas a publicly flagged shop, while still not trying to sell to me Individually, also isnít sellIng to anyone specifically. I definitely view public shops as first come, first served but not nh shops. Iíll note this is not a hood rule at all...itís my personal rule. And I definitely donít care what or how much anyone, neighbor or not, buys from my shop. Like someone else mentioned, thereís a giving and taking balance and that becomes apparent without rules or monitoring such things.

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    My rules tend to change over time, but now that I'm fairly far in the game, my #1 rule is "don't buy it if you can make it yourself".

    That being said, if I've just done a ton of truck orders and you've filled your shop with things that take me a while to accumulate, I will buy them all.

    I don't believe in any rules that say I'm only allowed to buy 3 things. If you consider me unhelpful in general and/or a shop raider and it bothers you, DELETE ME. I promise, I won't come hunt you down.

    In kind, if I fill my shop, and you want everything in it, I have no problem with that either. There have been times where it irked me a little to see the same names buying from me over and over and over, but I eventually decided I could just post an ad and some stranger might buy every last item as well, so what's the difference?

    If I post it for sale, I want it gone. Doesn't matter to me who gets it.

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    #1 don't put the animals next to the smelters.

    #2 dont leave animals unfed overnight.

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    Neighborhood rules are pretty straight forward. English only for chat and pull your own weight.
    Personal rules:
    I don't put anything in my shop that I can't afford to loose. So if it is in your shop and I have room I am going to buy it.
    I try to put the first 5 crops in my shop at base price throughout the day. I know how quickly I can run out of corn, I figure others must as well.
    I rarely check the town helps outside my neighborhood. Unless I am doing a help task and I am desperate, then I will check but only those on my friends list.
    I will put up easy town and truck helps during a help event. Otherwise I do these on my own.
    I always ask my neighbors if they need anything at least once a day and ALWAYS after they help me with boat or neighborhood request.
    Sometimes, I ignore the help request of one of my members. She rarely speaks in chat, even when asked a direct question. She always puts up all 4 boat, truck and town helps every chance she gets. Plus she always has a birdhouse request up. Yet she is rarely on my last helper list and always seems to be the lowest points in our derby and the lowest request to donate ratio.
    If someone request to join our neighborhood I check out their farm. If their animals are hungry and their feed mills aren't running. I will NOT accept.
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    My personal rule:

    1. Keep 6 or 12 duck & lobster traps for Valley 😊

    2. Stacking, stacking, stacking. I once rejected by Dairy mill, Sugar mill, Bakery & Jam maker at the same times.

    3. Send away all idle townies, I only serve townies that I pick up from friends.

    4. I help my friends, Following & follower first for Derby help task, I had several bad experiences from "Last Helper" option after helping some people in newspaper.

    5. Following solo player, so I don't steal /buy stuff that they are set for their hood mates, after he/she join NH, I will unfollow.

    6. Waking up & feeding horse, rabbits, dogs & puppies, let the kitten sleep/ hungry until I hire Rose 😁 (& have 60 milks) I only pet 1 kitten.

    7. Preparing 42 ready townies during Derby off, dry trees & bushes for help task, collecting mining tools as much as I can for mining task.

    8. I love to give welcome gifts for new member, I also give some stuffs for NH mates that have been off playing for a few weeks & he/she showed in the chats. "I miss you", welcome back gift.

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    No rules here mate, Just playing, having fun, and trying to stay out of trouble.

    I would like to more horses though.

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