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Thread: TH12 max heroes looking for Active Polite Clan

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    Hey, welcome to join my clan. My name is Ethan I am the leader. I'm 18 and try to keep the chat family friendly and everyone here is nice. We are mainly TH8-11 looking for active and mature players. We also do nonstop wars. I think this dad son combo is really nice. We are all in central time of the us, so probably active when you are.


    Would love to have y'all here!
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    Hi Shadowscream,

    Our chat is more family friendly. We could use both of you! Check us out!

    ***Pine Fine 2 #VRPP28L8 is the sister clan for Pine Fine.***

    We are recruiting a few more TH9+ ***(cannot be rushed or engineered)*** that are active in wars. We war every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and the war are started at 8PM EST. We are looking for members that are friendly but take war seriously.

    ***We are in Master's III for the new CWL*** We do 30v30 for CWL. For CWL we only take TH10+

    Our record is 110 wins and 37 losses. If you have opted for wars you are expected to use both your attacks. We have had a 19 and 14 win war streak in the past. This can show you how seriously we take wars.

    ***Warning - Before joining and leaving like so many others from the forums - Our chat can be inactive outside of wars. The clan in general however is not inactive. We war three times a week and donations are filled very quickly. If you want a very active chat log at all times, this isn't the clan for you.***

    While chat is not active you are expected to read through chat/clan mail for assigned war targets or for any messages directed at you. To participate in CWL you must join discord.

    Since our clan has formed we have not missed a max CG reward.


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