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Thread: New Open Minded War Clan Seeking Progressive Players | Living Word 2.0 (#2P0CJC9VG)

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    New Open Minded War Clan Seeking Progressive Players | Living Word 2.0 (#2P0CJC9VG)

    Living Word 2.0


    This is a new clan formed by a seasoned player with the sole purpose of creating an environment free from the problems that plague many clans, and often times go unchecked. It is for mature people of any age or base level who are serious about learning all aspects of Clash of Clans in a safe, fun, and progressive environment. There are far too many clans that unnecessarily restrict membership to those who meet specific requirements based on age, town hall level, available troops, etc... While the reasoning behind these restrictions are understood in most cases, this clan will attempt to bridge the age and skills gap in order to bring a new unifying methodology to the table...

    What to Expect:

    • Back to back wars
    • League wars
    • Clan games
    • Developing and using new and established attack strategies
    • Original base designing (war, home village, and builder bases)
    • Active, mature players
    • High donations
    • Easy-going and supportive environment
    • ​Discord server in the very near future with multiple chats to separate maturity levels, as well as chat commons
    • Co-leader given to first 5 who join, but you will have to prove yourselves like everyone else


    • English speaking only at this time
    • 1000+ trophies in home village to ensure understanding of gameplay basics
    • Mature and enjoy playing the game
    • Complete understanding of and adherence to the rules (listed below)


    (every player will be required to acknowledge having fully read and understood them upon joining Living Word 2.0)

    1) PROMOTIONS ARE EARNED, DON'T ASK FOR THEM. There will be an initial period after joining to evaluate adherence to the rules and the overall performance and demeanor of the player before Elder status will be given. Between Elder and Co-leader will be another indefinite period of time to observe the consistency of the player, and also how he/she handles their responsibilities as elder.

    2) DONATE BEFORE REQUESTING AND MAINTAIN A 1:1+ REQUEST/DONATION RATIO THROUGHOUT THE SEASON. Which simply means that you are required to donate at least as many troops/spells as you receive. You can view this info next to your name in the "my clan" tab. The part of this rule that states "DONATE BEFORE REQUESTING" should be self explanatory.

    3) ONLY DONATE WHAT IS REQUESTED. This is extremely annoying and inconvenient to most people for many reasons. Accidents do happen though and sometimes you hit the wrong button, but if you make a habit of wrong donations and are clearly doing it on purpose you will be demoted/kicked.

    4) GO "GREEN" IF YOU'RE AVAILABLE FOR WAR, AND "RED" IF YOU'RE NOT, AND, IF YOU'RE IN WAR YOU MUST USE ALL ATTACKS. Attack your mirror ONLY on your first attack, and then wait 12 hours before attacking your second target to allow your teammates a chance to attack their mirror. To be fair to others, only attack +/- 2 of your mirror on your second attack (in other words if you are #7 then attack no higher than #5 and no lower than #9). Exceptions can be made for attacking higher or lower, but only in the last hour of the war.

    5) IF YOU PARTICIPATE IN CLAN GAMES YOU MUST MAKE AT LEAST 1000 POINTS. Do not do as little as possible and expect to reap all of the rewards, the games are a team effort and it is selfish to have everyone else do the hard work for you. Leaches will be demoted/kicked.

    6) DO NOT MAKE FUN OF OTHER PLAYERS. You would think this is a "no brainer", but unfortunately there are many people who refuse to grow up and stop bullying people. Everyone is unique and gifted in their own way, and has something to contribute to the greater good. If you don't like something about another player as a person, or you see that they could improve their gameplay in some way and can't think of something constructive to say that could help them, it's probably best to just not say anything. Arrogance, condescension, and personality attacks will absolutely not be tolerated, and at the discretion of the leader can in certain instances be grounds for immediate and permanent banning from the clan.

    7) DO NOT ABUSE THE ABILITY TO DEMOTE AND KICK PLAYERS. This is another one that should go without saying, but the sheer number of control hungry players out there warrants the necessity of this rule. If someone has been demoted/kicked for something other than a violation of the rules clearly and explicitly stated in this list, then the person responsible will face disciplinary actions themselves. All factors surrounding any incident will be reviewed carefully, and all final judgements will be the responsibility of the clan leader.

    8) NO PROFANITY. Make no mistake about it, this rule will hurt me far more than it will hurt you! Having grown up in a very profane environment, learning to "flush my potty mouth" has been exceedingly difficult. However, it is possible to be G-rated even when very angry, and because of impressionable youngsters it is a rule of this clan. Also, people who nitpick on "near-words" are every bit as disturbing as those who figuratively have raw sewage running out of their pie holes. See how that works? It's fun for grown-ups and little-ups are none the wiser. However, there is a fine line to be drawn so tread lightly and don't overdo it. We all know the taboo words, so just don't go there.

    // The rules listed here may be added to or changed at any time, but notice will be given when changes occur. However, in the event of miscommunication and as a good habit to strengthen understanding, members should subscribe to this thread and check back often

    Consequences for violations to the rules:


    The first offense for any given violation is a warning, because not everyone is a habitual offender and will generally work to correct any shortcomings. There will be a one week waiting period before any player who is demoted or kicked can be re-promoted or allowed to rejoin. If everyone strives to do the best they can, then those who continually disregard the rules will be very easy to spot and quickly weeded out. As you can plainly see these rules are very reasonable and have been created from experience, with the best interests of everyone in mind. You will also see that the creator of this clan is not hypocritical, and will lead by example.

    Being active in wars and games is highly encouraged, but not required. Life happens so it's understandable if you need to go red for a while, just be sure to communicate when you will be inactive. People who are inactive for extended periods without communication will be kicked to make room for active players, but will be allowed to rejoin anytime they become active again.


    This is a new clan for those who are serious about playing Clash of Clans, and wish to learn all aspects of it in a mature, friendly and progressive environment. There are only a few very simple rules to follow that have been created from experience and close observation of issues that arise in the game, and have been implemented to ensure that maturity and fairness abound within the clan.

    How to Join:

    Currently this is the only clan bearing the name Living Word 2.0, so an in-game search of clans should lead you right to us. Alternatively, you could use the code: #2P0CJC9VG in the search box. Also, the join method has been set to "anyone can join" for the time being until the clan begins to grow, so feel free to jump right in if it feels right to you....

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