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Thread: Th13 suggestions.

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    Th13 suggestions.

    For TH13 having the Clan castle masked as a th with a giga tesla as well would be a great way to mask where the cc troops actually are. The clan castle could act like a th and when destroyed detonates a large bomb.

    Also having the ability to set your base randomly cycle through your war bases during an active war would be nice too. It would also cater to skill and mitigate scouting with the fact that the next hit could be against another style of base.

    Rotating air sweepers would add great complexity to attacks. It would be less likely to know where traps were staged.

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    1. It won't work due to a simple thing. TH is 4x4, clan castle is 3x3. The disguise could consume surrounding walls/traps.

    2. So remove the entire purpose of scouting and prep day, so you just go in blindly? What if the base on desplay is extremely weak to balloons, so you go in with a full balloon army, and guess what? It turns out to swap over to an anti-balloon base, and now you can't do anything about it, as you already hit attack.

    3. So now air sweeper placement will no longer be unique, rather being in the center with air defenses around it, and boom, anti air.

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    There are already two structures that explodes when destoryed, TH12.5 & Bomb Tower, I don't see a need for another one.

    Kind of defeats the purpose of players attacking multiple times on the same base if things change around.

    I say for any suggestions for TH13 should be made after it is released.

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    Yet another example of "suggestions" for a product that has long been planned all ready and due to be released in a few weeks. For the love of whatever you believe on wait till its released before you start saying hey do this or do that. You don't even know what exactly is coming yet. But you can bet on one thing.....they aren't going to add or change anything now unless, and only unless they encounter an issue with what is ALLREADY DONE.

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