Much has been made by SuperCell of the costs of policing Global--to them. So much so, they they removed Global, at great costs to the Clash Community. I've already watched two clans, belonging to friends, fold. I am fighting tooth and nail to keep mine from doing the same.

However, nothing at all has been done to actually protect players from harassment and exploitation. It can and does continue. As seen here:

Got a Stalker? Your only choice is to stop playing Clash. Try asking local law enforcement to pursue a stalking case taking place in a video game. The response will vary from dumb looks to laughter. They will a) blame you or b) tell you to stop playing because c) doing their jobs, is not actually going to occur.

Try asking SuperCell, as you can see from the thread above, SuperCell doesn't do anything either. All their lip service about how much money they spend keeping people from hurting others in Global, is just that, Lip Service.

Every reasonable venue permits players to block unwanted attention and clans to block unsavory miscreants from their ranks. Not just temporarily for 24 hours (which kicking someone does), but permanently.

If SuperCell was really serious about protecting players--not just protecting their wallets--we'd have a Block button.