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Thread: One way to recruit?

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    One way to recruit?

    How we recruit, now that the recruiting tool is just a useless button that we all ignore:

    We war nearly back to back, but we dont war on special reason, just start wars mon,wed,fri.

    Since we dont like risking war spies..has happened in the past, we open our door and lower the cups needed on sunday and see what trash floats in. We then ask people where they come from and age. This quickly helps to identify any that we dont want and also many idiots leave or are ko quickly!

    we then end up with a few remaining and over the next few day ko any that are inactive and cant be bothered to chat or donate. We also now dont let any new players war until they have donated enough to warrant our trust!

    Eventually we end up with maybe ONE keeper!

    Since sc decided to kill global, this is how we recruit. How do you?

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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    I haven't got a single good member from global.Nothing but hoppers.Though I didn't spend much time on global looking for members either.
    My recruiting has always been through forums,reddit,discord,facebook,twitter etc.
    Had been doing this before the end of global and been doing this even now.

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    This thread
    I might try that tactic...

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    Recruiting sucks now! Everyone's inbox is full! I liked Global have a few good ones from there in our clan.

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    at your base.
    Recruitment :

    >>Forum >>Sub-forum>>CLAN TALK >>LOOKING FOR CLANMATES

    >>Discord reddit server, chitty chat and grab some goldies

    >>Recruit via clash champs, its best.It posts automatically in partner server about 70 or more
    just have to click share every 24 hours
    If you want to invest money in it, you can buy packs, it automatically posts for you every 8 hrs

    >>Reddit r/ClashOfClansRecruit is also another way to recruit like forum

    Other way to recruit is post clan advertisements on posts of SC social media platforms ( fb/twitter etc), but some crazy kids would drop by your server

    thats where i recruit

    Good luck
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    I visit the enemy clans that we demolished in war and persuade their good attackers to join a "winning" clan...

    jk thats just awful.

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    Since they nixed global we have tried various methods in game and the only one that seems to have any effect is the ‘open the door and see what floats in, filter out the dross’. Doesn’t get you much but does at least offer something.

    Might take a look at some of the other methods. Global was a good resource and the tool is basically useless.

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    I've tried:

    Posting ads: not very many responses, but when they do respond, they are qualified

    Answering ads: even fewer responses, but when they do, they vary from "qualified" to "absolute jerks"

    Chatting on various Discord servers: Nada

    Using the tool: cautious indications that the tool is improving. One VERY important thing you MUST do... wait until the previous message goes away before sending the next invite. Yes, they want to WASTE EVEN MORE of your precious time, by making you WAIT between invites!!! So you have to wait X seconds until the message fades away before you send the next invite (only to find the inbox is full). Then you have to WAIT X seconds for the messages to fade before you can send again. THIS is probably why so many people THINK they are sending invites, but they actually are not. This is super annoying, bc all the clicking and waiting is completely pointless, since most of the inboxes are full anyway and WERE full before you even looked at the player. They never should have been in the list to begin with.

    Results of using the tool has improved from nothing to:

    We were looking for only TH7, but we considered Th5-8 because desperation... the tool shows us th3-12. We have to search through a dozen permutations of all kinds of searches just to find remotely enough people JUST TO INVITE. Recruiting is a numbers game. Getting remotely close to the NUMBERS you need to find even ONE person is nearly impossible.

    500+ invites of th5-7 players in the last several days. The vast majority were "inbox full."
    10 joined
    4 did not speak at all
    3 did not speak English
    3 spoke English--soooorta. We kept them all, even though 2 of them spoke English that was significantly broken. In the days of Global, we NEVER would have recruited them. But desperate times...
    Only 1 of the 3 was war ready.
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    So many other ways to recruit, invite players who are in your league but clanless (at least 10% on average) that's 10 potential new members per 1 of each of your clan, using the coc recruiting forum (not the tool) reddit, discord or the coc Facebook page. The chances of you recruiting spies is infinitesimal as generally spies will request to join your clan rather than having been invited. All you need for authenticity is to set a recruitment password. It's as simple as that.

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