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    Unable to connect with Support

    I have always had problems communicating with Support over the 4-5 years that I have been playing Hay Day.
    In August I decided to get my problem/s fixed. My efforts have been in vain. I suspect that with all the chopping and changing that I have done, in attempts to get through,, I have so confused the system that it no longer recognizes me.
    However, I can still play the game with no problems whatsoever !!!
    Ideally, if you could contact Support and get someone (who has lots of patience as I am 86) to email me on <removed>, we could try to fix things up.
    Many thanks,
    John Coles.
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    Welcome to the forum

    Support does not come here to the forum. This is a players supporting players forum.

    Have you tried the webform? I'll link to it below.

    What is it you need help with, perhaps it's something a fellow player can help you with? Worth a shot asking.
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