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    I have an idea instead current feature for recruiting why donít we make something similar to how some other games have a recruiting feature where they have a chat thatís kinda like global but you canít post anything except that your clan is recruiting maybe you could add a button we press and automatically sends a message out for us maybe every 15 seconds we can use it so there no spam or if your looking for clan you can just click the button and it will let people in recruiting chat know your looking for a clan and then you just wait for invites from clans that are willing to take you in

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    Pretty much a good portion of the clans in the game are recruiting, and that's a lot. So this would most likely get spammed.

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    Lightbulb New Recuiting Idea

    Ever since the new update, the recuitment tool has gotten me 0 new members. I have my invite seeting on and I haven't been invited a single time either. I think a new global chat would be a good idea. Instead of being a normal chat, you select information for what clan or players you are looking for. For example, I could go to the new chat and select a few options (War, Farming, Teacher, English, Th7+) and it would send in the chat along with the clan name and an option to view the clan. That way clans and people can still use global without the toxicity or problems it caused earlier. Do you think this could ever work??!?!?!
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    Read.....especially last line.

    Currently Ruled Out Ideas ** READ BEFORE POSTING **
    These ideas and suggestions have been ruled out by the dev team for the time being.

    Posting these ideas will result in your thread being removed without notice.

    Frequently Requested:
    Playing clash of clans (or any other SC game) on a computer or through a web browser e.g. Facebook
    Donating (or trading) any resources, passes, items or gems to (with) other players
    Paying for gold tier pass in Season Challenges by any means other than cash
    An exchange building to convert between elixir, gold, dark elixir, or gems
    Assign multiple builders to one build/upgrade
    Upgradeable buildersí huts
    Active/ Live ďOnline StatusĒ examples: colored icons, on/off indicator, etc.
    Indicate last online date
    Remove the ďReportĒ button/feature from global chat. Abused too often, and mute is better solution
    Any additional flags: National, Pride, etc.
    Identify Clan Castle troop donors either online (if you miss the message) or offline
    Use Dark Elixir for upgrading some levels of walls
    Variable numbers ofattack/defence pairs in Legends League
    Global Chat/The return of Global Chat for any purpose (e.g. recruitment)
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