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    Halloween Dress Up Contest Winners!

    Yay! We have our

    winners! Turns’s


    It's true! ALL of you are winners! The top 10 favorites were going to win at least a T-shirt and some stickers. And since there were less than 10 valid entries you will all get the shirts and stickers!

    But we did still vote on our favorites to determine who gets the gems and those results are ready too! Here is a list of all of you...

    Just T-Shirt and stickers:

    hardikpethani112 -
    Aminsab -
    TniChen -

    T-Shirts and stickers plus diamonds/gems:

    5th Place (2000 gems or 450 diamonds): FairieFae - Joan the visitor

    4th Place (2000 gems or 450 diamonds): MommySnooks - Cat Bat

    3rd Place (2000 gems or 450 diamonds): Sasukerawat - Voodoo Witch

    2nd Place (2500 gems or 570 diamonds):Falagarsmom - Gnome

    1st Place (3000 gems or 700 diamonds): Tahoe - Mummy Pig

    Congratulations to all of you and my most sincere thank you’s for all of you participating. I know there’s a bit of a dark cloud over the contests right now due to the prizes and the issues we’ve been having, but I really appreciate all of you sticking with me and helping me try to keep up the fun on the forums. It makes me so happy to combine the games and get both communities together to forget all the other stuff and just have a little fun...and the fact that you are still with me means everything!

    All winners, please Private Message me with the following information:

    Which game you choose to receive gems/diamonds in:
    In Game Name:
    Player ID#:
    Shirt Size:
    Complete Shipping Address Including the Name you want on the package:
    Phone or Contact Number:
    Email Address:

    The Supercell Forum communities continue to rock! I’m really impressed with the level of creativity that was brought to this contest! I hope to see all of you...and maybe a few more ...for the next contest! Keep your eyes season is coming!

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