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    -40 degrees C now. Winter it is.
    I received the in-game gems for Clash earlier today.

    I also expect that with Christmas, FedEx may be a bit busy at this time of year, so I’m thinking the physical packages may take a little while longer yet. Maybe they’ll arrive in time for Christmas—who knows? But pretty sure they’re on it.

    Thank you, Rain, Darian & Nick, and SC!

    Thanks for the pic, Katana! (And Tahoe for getting a working link, lol.)

    I still need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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    T-shirt received tho stickers arent received with tshirt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardikpethani112 View Post
    T-shirt received tho stickers arent received with tshirt...
    It was the same for me, but I have let Raindragon know via PM and encourage others affected to do the same, as I'm sure she will follow up on this.

    Thank you TerMinus for the awesome sig!

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    Thanks Raindragon , got the gems and t-shirt. Was a perfect fit. Thanks for all importance given during these busy updates.
    Sorry, for earlier rude comments.

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    No reponse for stickers😐..yet...

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