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Thread: Troop AI bug or intended?

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    in all the years..the ai pathing and troops doing the most unexplained things...for our clan has been the cause for most of our players leaving, giving up the game...really wish supercell could understand that..I have read messages that coc will tweek ai without a notice to players...and players need to experience the tweek for themselves....but this leave alot to be desired in a game when pushing or temping to regain lost trophies...and suddenly what worked last week will not work this week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
    Hey guys. I hop you can see it good enough. No matter where i place the wizards they always chose wizardtower instead of the elixir collector in fron of them.

    i really would like an explanation for this behavior. one wizard doing it i can buy as random as troops don't always target the closest building. however in that gif EVERY wizard is targeting the WT.

    i wonder if this could be reproduced consistently with a base layout like the one shown there.

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    I've seen several times lately where troops (and queen)seem to prioritize defenses over non-defenses...even if they have to go slightly further to get to it.

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    Itís supercells advanced programming...we just donít get it yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by PunkeD View Post
    I donít know when it changed, but for the last month or two AI has been utterly stupid for me on both bases. I had a pekka literally standing on the square touching the BH, but she walked away 3-4 squares to hit a canon. The single most ridiculous thing Iíve ever seen in the game.

    Other terrible AI has been targeting like this, troops refusing to go inside walls at all costs, 3 wallbreakers dropped in same spot running off to 3 different locations. The list goes on and on in my clan.

    Does anything know if developer changed the AI with last update. Iíve actually stopped playing the game for days due to the exacerbation Iíve had at certain moments. One of these days Iíll probably let those days stretch to months or years. In 6 years Iíve been playing this game itís never made me feel unhappy until recently. If this is the vision SC have for the game, itís no longer the game for me.
    In my honest opinion, AI has been the issur since long time, healers warden, miners from fat away attracted to freaking skeleton n list goes on... It hasn't been quality to begin with. Terrible, when u see troops hitting same set of walls in same compartment near by
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