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Thread: Helping your hood

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    Helping your hood

    I wonder if somebody who is somebody could pass it along to Supercell that it would be neat if we could help the players that are in our neighborhoods?
    I mean, when we go to buy something, if we see something like cows need milking, or eggs need collecting, or animals need feeding, or crops collected...we could do that for them. And instead of getting fully "paid" (blue stars), we could get half the amount for what we normally get for doing those same chores on our own farm.
    It really would make the game more fun, & advancement up the ranks a lot more easier & faster.
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    no thanks. I would not want someone to milk my cows. I may be saving them for an upcoming task, or my barn is near full or for any one of dozens of other reasons.
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    Hi PNut67 and welcome to the forum,

    the link above is a sticky thread in the Ideas & Feature Request area of the forum. Your suggestion is in the “No Immediate Plans” category. This would also be where any game suggestions would be posted.
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    Dear God, NO. My farm (and many others) run like clockwork, I stack and I play Derby Solo, as well as doing things for Valley Sun points, anyone faffing with my farm would mess it up spectacularly!

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