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Thread: Lvl 71 looking for champion league hood

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    Lvl 71 looking for champion league hood

    Level 71 looking for bigger NH
    Looking for a bigger competitive neighborhood in champions league.
    ☆ Currently Level 71
    ☆ Timezone is at GMT +7 (Vietnam zone)
    ☆ All machines unlock for my level
    ☆ Town player (Reputation level 21)
    ▪︎Max town hall (42 capacity) & eggspress train (14 visitors per arrival of train)
    ▪︎Close to upgrading personal train to max (currently with 8 slots and 2h maintenance time)
    ▪︎With max (6) slots on all service buildings but working now on lowering their service time to reach least time.
    ☆ Will always take 9x 320/400 tasks. 10 will be optional due to situation of that league.
    ☆ With experience on stacking, mostly basket tasks but i can also do production tasks up to 30x produce (but i would like to learn more of techniques, if there's any).

    Overall, i'm looking for a very active hood that plans and communicates well not just on winning derby but overall aspects of game too such as valley, trading and weekly/global events.

    If you wanna check out my farm and town my tag is #VLY80UL2

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    Hi, illidan94!, are you still looking for a hood?, I’m sending you a private message!

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