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    Tend to agree with u OP
    But Global had become so nasty that - well something had to change and it’s not coming back.
    We just lost two long term loyal good players. As an international clan there reason was - no one to chat to as most From Europe and they in North America - so have gone to a North American Clan for chat. They (and several of us) used global a lot just to chat when quiet in clan.

    Personally I just swapped language to go to a different global if toxic discussion going on.
    I seemed always to find good people and had good chats.

    I don’t feel as yourself OP that the game is in a really bad way.
    But I wish we hadn’t lost people....
    Wish you luck and hope you keep playing.

    Echo sentiment of several who are hoping for and overhaul of the ‘recruitment’ system as (in its current form) not fit for purpose.

    Recently swapped to chatting on discord.
    Seems no probs there with idiots ruining chats.
    Perhaps mail your Clanmates OP and get them to join up. Sort of a new global.
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    Why is it anytime someone makes a thread people disagree with they are " crying" . Unless you have done a personal survey ( which I doubt ) how would you know what the majority of causal players do ? Also just because you happen to personally think " its a step in the right direction" does not make it so. Some people think because they post on a game forum a thousand times it makes their input more valuable, on the contrary, just makes you appear like you have a whole lot of time on your hands haha.

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    Just sharing few thoughts about this old issue of global.
    Devs didnt want to remove them, it just like they dont have choice.
    Reason? PLAYERS ... behavior, toxicity, and selling/scam accounts. (Pretty much against TOS). Guess its our own fault that the global is gone.
    Its kinda sounds like a joke
    Now PLAYERS want them back, "you wont appreciate the beauty of something unless its taken from you". .

    It is in the RIGHT direction because of NEW Laws of other countries regarding gaming.
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    Didn't read all 3 pgs of replies but come on, really? First I don't know how active you've been anyway if you've been playing ever since it came out and are only near max th11. I started playing about a yr after it came out, took a year off from advancing my main accounts to war in competitive war leagues, then took a yr off completely from the game, and and even I have 2 near max th12s, a max th10, and a whole slew of minis. And I consider myself pretty casual, at least when it comes to farming. So sounds like you are/were a very casual player.

    But seriously, global meant that much to you that now you're quitting? Did seeing a bunch of people posting "free co join here" mean that much to you? Did talking to a bunch of kids and strangers that 99% of the time are just typing obscenities at each other mean that much to you? And it's not like it was the same people you see every day, global is a different group of people every time you restart the game. I could see if it were like an mmo where you connect to the same server every time you log in so you see the same people in world chat every day, but it's not like you're forming any lasting relationships with anyone from global. And if your clan isn't active and you have no one to talk to, then join another clan, one that is active.

    As for recruiting, maybe I just play the game differently, but besides the very first clan I ever joined, and then realized they weren't that good, I've never used global to find a clan or to find recruits. There's plenty of other ways to recruit and/or get recruited, like these forums, or reddit, and you're 10x more likely to find a legit good clan and/or legit good players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The1Viceroy View Post
    P(re).S. - This is not meant to just bash, I genuinely want the game to be good again.
    Been playing clash since it came out pretty much. I’m pretty much max 11, run a lvl 10 clan that always maxes clan games and has great War log. But Literally over the course of the last few weeks the clan has declined and many have gone inactive. Frankly I’m one of them, and I saw this coming as soon as the last update was dropped. Removing global was probably the worst thing that could’ve been done to this game. And there’s so many reasons why.

    1.) Global allowed any player to interact with any other player at any time. It brought the community together and imo was a huge reason this game has had so much longevity. Even if the game was getting stale, global never did. U could hop on as a maxed th12 and still have a good time cuz global always brought some random surprises and humor.
    Instead, now, u hop on, if u have nothing to do and no one is in your clan chat, you have nothing to do, you’re bored, and u get off. My clan, case in point.
    Hardly any players used global. It won't be missed at all by most.

    Those who used it a lot are understandably upset, but there weren't enough of tnose for this to kill the game.

    2.) Any casual player in a startup/low level clan trying to get sieges or high troops? Too bad I guess. Global was the solution, but not anymore. And by the way good luck growing the clan. The only way I grew my clan was by talking to some kind souls in global that were down to help grow a clan. I guess that’s a thing of the past too.
    It is, but again I don't think there were as many clans used it that way as many on here think.

    But Itnis certainly a significant number, and the recruitment tool certainly needs major improvement.

    3.) trophy pushing - wow am I glad I pushed legends a few months ago. Imagine sitting in clouds for 40 minutes with no one to talk to. Anyone in titan 1 rn, I feel bad for you. Good luck.
    While my two main accounts have spent most of thetime since the update in legends, both have dropoed back to Titans a coupke of times, and never experienced more than 2 minutes in clouds (and even that was during clan games), usually much less.

    4.) Probably the worst effect of all (somehow): recruiting. Quite a few people have left my clan since the update. Usually this would be fine, as I would hop in global, chat with some friendly good players and ultimately have them join the clan. Not anymore. And I’m not just saying this: I genuinely want to grind, restore my clan to its former glory. But I physically can’t. There’s no one to talk to, no one to recruit. All I have is this ♥♥ list of “suggested” players who I know nothing about, and are half the time either already in a clan or have a full inbox. And they had the audacity to say they came up with some “new improved” recruiting system.
    As I said, the re ruitment tool certainly needs major improvements.

    Ultimately this is the best mobile game of all time and it blows knowing that my desire to play it is literally deteriorating at the hands of the ones who made the game themselves. Global was imo the unique defining characteristic of this game that put it a step above any competition. The whole community was united, all different cultures, different styled players, different personalities always interacting and having a good time in global. To remove the entire experience because of a few scammers or toxic players makes zero sense, especially when there’s both a “mute” and a “report” button. Not to mention that global was optional to even look at in the first place. And to say there aren’t enough resources to keep up with maintaining it??? This is Supercell we are talking about. I know they can afford it ESPECIALLY with this fantastic new pass that’s been out the past few months. At the end of the day there’s no valid reason or benefit to removing global. <ruled out request redacted >
    Go and read the link you were given. It is quite clear from what you say here that you simply don't know why global was removed.

    Nvmd just found out that all threads about global are getting closed. Might as well stop all the people - the ones that play the game and give the money - from saying what will make them stay/play/give more money, right? Dev logic in 2019. SC was my last hope for companies that were smarter than that but I guess even they have fallen to the likes of Epic/Activision etc. It was a good ride boys/girls, thanks for the memories in global 0
    No we aren't. We are closing down requests for its return, because that is ruled out. We aren't closing down general discusdion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
    My stats (main account)

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    100% agree

    I've taken my 2 th12s and 3 th3s and made a clan where I sit by myself. I'm probably not gonna last very long like this,, but what's the difference without global, being in a clan with half hearted conversations with a regular clan or being by myself?

    The only thing keeping me going now is to see how long of a win streak I can go on...

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    I think if we all keep repeating nobody used global for recruiting pretty soon we might all believe it

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    Well said OP. this is pretty spot on
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    Quote Originally Posted by The1Viceroy View Post
    Let me make the connection for you since you don't seem to be getting my point.
    If I am a long time, loyal player of this game who has loved it for over 5 years, it is going to take a lot, something drastic, for me to abruptly turn and walk away from it. However long time, loyal players like myself are a far greater minority than casual randoms that hop on every once in a while to have fun. It would take far less to drive that demographic away. So if this update is bad enough to drive away players like me, how do you think that will resonate with a casual? Mind you, many casuals literally play the game FOR the global chat. Do you see where I'm getting at?
    Good point. I agree with OP.

    I had to kick out a few for inactivity yesterday and I could not find one person to invite through the "tool" because all inboxes were full. I went as far down as TH9. Of course, I excluded over 50% of the bases which were clearly non-English speaking. And I excluded those who were already in a clan. So TBF I only tried to invite like 8 people once that was done. It took a long time and I had no success, a big fat waste of time. With Voldemort, I would have at least had some fun along the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juvi1624 View Post
    I started playing about a yr after it came out, took a year off from advancing my main accounts to war in competitive war leagues, then took a yr off completely from the game, and and even I have 2 near max th12s, a max th10, and a whole slew of minis. And I consider myself pretty casual.....
    Not sure you meant this to be ironic but made me laugh out loud anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by kajid View Post
    Loot difficulty has gone up again today by 2.5% Why do they keep increasing the loot difficulty this makes the game not worth playing and before you all say there is more inactive bases and less active players it still shouldn't be a 2.5% increase in difficulty.

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