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    No global makes the game soo dull

    The only good thing about coc was global and now without it the game lost all interest I don't even play it as much anymore and soon I will just delete it from my phone

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    Okay well goodbye then because global isn't coming back. Please be sure to keep your collectors and storages on the outside of your base.
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    How is chatting on global more fun than the whole game ? sure global would be missed but there are still tons of channels and forums about to be in touch with other players , also aren't you hyped even a little bit about TH13? in my opinion this should make you forget about the global removal .

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    If the only thing you miss from coc is a chat, then you should search for another forum on the internet.

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    oh no , not this again ....

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    I think so too Jerry. I used to enjoy talking with random strangers while waiting for my army. Now I just log out and go play something else for 30-45 mins.

    I’m not quitting or anything drastic like that for the moment, but man, this December’s th13 update better be spectacularly massive!!
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    Is definitely gone for good, and I’ll miss it, too. Doesn’t take away from the game, though, just changes what ya do when you’re not attacking. As noted, bajillions of other games out there to play while your troops are cooking. Just find one...and good luck!

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    It has definitely changed the way I play the game, I only load the game and do my two attacks and leave, rarely am I on at the same time as any of my clan member , once in a while I can catch someone on and I stay and chat until they are off. It has made me less interested in the game. But on a good note I have stopped spending any money on the game and I have learnt to stop putting in so much time on a game . Now I am at the point I go on do two attacks in the morning and two at night and move onto other things so I have developed a different routine for the game. I have also stopped doing the events most are not worth the reward 13 attacks for a training potion I can get with 25 gems and 400 level up points haha what a joke no thanks, this is becoming a kids game.

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    Starting to feel the same way too. Log on do the attacks and log off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry1357 View Post
    The only good thing about coc was global and now without it the game lost all interest I don't even play it as much anymore and soon I will just delete it from my phone
    Think we're all suffering the same feeling Crazy how it be the own developers of these games that cause them to die lol I used to think SC was good with supporting the community. I guess not.

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