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    Global , recruiting

    Recruiting people and finding a clan which have all the qualities became very tough now.I think global may not impact the game much.The more people join in a good clan the more they get strategies the more they concentrate on attacks, they more they seek the attacks. Global is too useful for recruiting some good active players. I ask to have global again

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    Global isn’t coming back. Improvements to the recruitment tool are coming. Deal with it. All you can really do.
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    Its always wrong to start a conversation and forbid us to express our meanings at the same time.😔
    The main thing people complain about the last update is that the new recruiting doesnt work. We cant recruit properly with global chat we had a better option. (Not denying all the bad stuff happened there)
    Would have the recruiting tool worked properly then i guess the complaints wouldnt have been that much.

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    Human nature... I never used global to recruit (as clan leader) and am thrilled about heading through TH13 (I'm guessing there may even be another surprise or two in store for us... cool) but the whiners tend to speak up while the contented post nothing (or maybe a thank you).


    If we receive a recruitment tool that allows our clan, for the first time, to recruit effectively... then, to the extent that the whiners played a role in its evolution, I would owe them a bit of gratitude.
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    I'd like to thank OP for the sage advice: If we are no longer having fun playing a game, we should delete it.

    In the meantime, good luck OP with finding an active clan.

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    Ah, people will probably never stop mourning the demise of global...but rage quitting or whatever because of no global I think is stupid....

    Sure you cannot hang out in the main village and chat up random strangers anymore, which for me led to some of my oldest and best clanmates....especially in seasons like this where my clan chat is dead and people ar just logging on to attack, fill some troop requests and log right off, and that is it. Maybe you happen to catch somebody in your clan boosting so you can feed them some troops while you I play BH sometimes and I have rediscovered the practice things i never did and the goblin maps.....but i might wait till TH13 because the loot is just wasted...

    So here is the real question. SC ditched a mechanaism which kept us online for longer stretches and now we have little to do while we wait, and now our biggest relief or conundrum is what better use of our time do we have? I am sure we can all find one.

    But as someone above posted...losing global is not that bad in terms of time...I spend less time on Clash and more time with my family and working.....yeah, some of us can log on at work for a little mental break and it is all good.

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