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Thread: Private chat for players?

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    Private chat for players?

    I have messaged supercell about this through the game already and they have suggested I ask here to get other peopleís thoughts.
    Sometimes I think a private message function would be useful in the game.
    Sometimes we chat about gameplay etc and donít really want everyone to see what we are saying, or we refrain from saying what we want mean to say.
    I think the feature would be handy, I understand that we could use social media apps etc to message (we do have a fb group chat already) but we do have younger members of the clan and we are uncomfortable adding them on social media.
    I also understand the feature could be abused so I was thinking maybe only co leaders and leaders could have the feature, or maybe players of 6 months or longer or something by like that? And maybe a block button incase things get out of hand?
    What are your thoughts? Does anyone else think this is a handy feature to have?

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    Or use a social media platform that won't require personal data. There are some out there, using an alias that's not connected to anything else than an activation-mail.

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    I agree, I donít think that in game conversations should be handled in a platform such as facebook, telegram or whatever outside the game. Especially now when global chat was removed and so many of us begged for another in game chatting tool other than our clan-mates.

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    I don't foresee them adding this to the game since they've been so opposed to adding multiple chat channels (like an elder/leader chat). But most multi player games do have some sort of in game direct messaging. I guess it would be OK. I don't know how much I'd used it since my clans all use 3rd party communications apps such as discord and groupme. But I could see it being useful if you were already in game and didn't want to bounce back and forth between apps to talk to someone directly.

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