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Thread: Th 11 Looking for a clan.

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    Th 11 Looking for a clan.

    I'm TH 11 that doesn't like to rush(max defenses & 55 walls left). I'm looking for a clan shares that goal and also only takes high towns halls to war/cwl. I don't talk a lot but get on every day.

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    United Kingdom
    PRISM - LEVEL 16 [#8YC8PP88]
    Main clan requirements:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - Confident war attacker
    - TH10 (60 combined hero’s)
    - TH11 (80 combined hero’s)
    - TH12 (100 combined hero’s)

    Second extension clan welcomes:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - TH9 (40 combined hero's)
    - TH10 (60 combined hero’s)
    - TH11 (80 combined hero’s)
    - TH12 (80 combined hero’s)

    We run CWL in both clans meaning everyone who’s interested can be part of it, no one gets left out! Prism is Master League 3 and Trojan is Crystal League 1.

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games and WAR CONSTANTLY, you can opt out whenever necessary. No war pressure, just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    We have a TELEGRAM group where we chat (it’s much easier than the in game keyboard and keeps your number private). It is mandortory for war as we discuss and post war plans there.

    We are a very active and competitive group, we like to win; however we play this game for fun alongside our busy schedules and jobs. Thanks to both clans being international (mostly USA/UK), donations are never left hanging and we regularly friendly challenge for practise, there’s always room for improvement!

    If either clan sounds like the right clan for you, please apply here:

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    Seattle, WA

    Mutant X | War Clan | Level 10 | TH9+ | Mature/Adult | War, Games, CWL

    • Casual-Competitive • Multi-Clan Network • Organized • Safe & Fair Play
    • 40v40 & 50v50 Wars • 85% Win-Rate • Max Donations • Mature/Adult

    Wars M, W, Sa @ 3pm PT (UTC-7)

    Join Discord & follow instructions @
    in-game join requests not accepted
    Clan Tag: #28P220JCV —
    Recruiting unrushed TH levels 9+: TH9, TH10, TH11, TH12

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    WichitA (Level 20) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL. Adults War Clan/CWL/Max Clan Game. We are primarily USA based plus some International . We're Fairplay clan. No Kids. No Drama. No pressure to 3*. Fun and relaxing environment but yet competitive during war. War back to back with option to opt out. No app to download but we do have discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

    WichitA (Level 20) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL
    Discord Link
    Wichita Family of 4 Clans Recruiting Thread
    Thanks to TerMinus Prime for the awesome sig/avatar!

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    We are seeking active TH 11 and 12 members.

    You must use the GREEN/RED “Clan Wars Icon” so we know you wanting to be included for selection in our Clan Wars and CWL.
    When you are in a clan war you must use both attacks.
    There is not a donation requirement minimum.
    War instructions are given before each war using COC Team Email.

    Most clan members are based in the USA (english is required) and wars generally begin about 8 pm EST

    For a TH12 … you must have your AQ at level 50 and BK at level 50 and GW at level 20
    For a TH11 … you must have your AQ at level 40 and BK at level 40

    Again this is the minimum we are seeking for each TH level.

    To be accepted, make sure you say RANGER SENT ME FROM THE FORUM

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    Hi Raptor,

    We may be what you're looking for. You actually sound like me active and not chatty. 👍
    Our feeder clans like to chat but our main is active and just quietly gets the job done. 😊
    You'd be welcome to join our main clan if you like.

    We have four active international clans in the Bailey family. All follow the general rules:
    • English speaking only.
    • Adults 18+
    • Drama free
    • Back to back wars (can opt out)
    • Not rushed

    The Bailey (in-game link, forum post)
    The original clan, established in the UK about 4 years ago.
    For TH11s and TH12s.

    The Bailey II (in-game link, forum post)
    Established this year originally to run a second CWL, however quickly grew in a couple of months to an active war clan. Generally TH10s and above.

    The Bailey III (in-game link, forum post)
    Another super active war clan, constantly a friendly competition between B2 and B3.
    Generally TH9s (10/10+ heroes) and above

    The Bailey IV (in-game link, forum post)
    Our newest clan. Started to accommodate the fast growth of the bailey family of clans. Currently has over 40 active members! Bailey V anyone?
    Generally TH8s (near max) and above.

    We use Discord to communicate between clans and as to assist in recruiting, strategy and planning, however it's not a requirement. If you're interested please join our Discord Server or if you don't use Discord just apply in game saying you're from the forums or just message me.

    Wishing you all the best in your search.



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    **:beginner: AWW - #PC0VV2J0 – Clan Wars | Clan League Wars | Competitive**
    Aussie Wootwoot are a B2B adult war clan with a casual/competitive environment. Once a league clan participant, we now run B2B war spins. We are now looking for like-minded FP active members that understand the current meta in a casual/relaxed environment.

    ✏ Requirements:
    ��No Engineered or Rushed Accounts
    ��Th10 35/35+
    ��Th11 45/45/15+ (an even balance between offense and defence)
    ��Th12 55/55/30+ (an even balance between offense and defence)

    ��Looking for: ��
    ⚡ War Warriors for league / FW / b2b Wars.
    ⚡ English Speaking
    ⚡ 3-star specialists or have a burning desire to become 3-star specialists.
    ⚡ SC CWL War/Clan games participants
    ⚡ Must use both attacks in war

    �� Benefits: ��
    ✔️ Mature Environment no drama
    ✔️ Maxed Clan Games
    ✔️ SCCWL in Champs 3 / Masters 3
    ✔️ Constant activity
    ✔️ Good Donations
    ✔️ An active and organised discord server.

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    Mar 2019
    💥dark lords💥♥
    💥Level 13 English Speaking Clan. 💥
    💥Recruiting only th11s and th12s (Non Rushed) for CWL and regular wars.💥
    💥Very active members💥
    💥Quick/high donations 💥
    💥Max Clan Games💥
    💥Back 2 Back Wars💥
    💥Looking for active/non rushed players to compete in wars and clan games 💥
    How to join ?
    You can click on the link below and put "quacks sent me from forums" in your joining request. Happy Clashing 👍

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    We are New Brits! An adult only clan with a mature and relaxed nature but also an organised level 16 international war clan. We are UK-based so we work around GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) but have many international members from the US, Europe, and Asia so there will always be someone online to donate. We're currently looking to further strengthen our War and CWL lineups and I believe that you would be an excellent addition to our clan.

    The Specifics:
    Clan Wars: We typically war 3 times per week. Everyone may opt in or out as you wish but we ask that you go Red if upgrading heroes or if you'll be too busy to get in both attacks.

    Clan Games: We have completed the top tier in every Games.

    CWL: We currently fight with mostly TH 12s. We try to rotate people that are interested in fighting in CWL through a sign up prior to the start based on everyone's availability. We are currently in Masters II.

    What We Are Looking For From You:
    Must be over the age of 18
    Be able to download our clan app Band (we use this for discussing war strategies and keeping in touch outside the game)
    Be active
    Use both war attacks

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. If you're interested, mention that Stark sent you from the forum when you request. Clan Tag - #8JY22YJL

    Clan: New Brits ~ Lvl 16 ~ UK/International ~ Adults Only
    Check out our Clan Recruitment Thread Here
    Questions about New Brits? Ask on Discord Here
    Questions not New Brits related? PM me or Message me on Discord Here
    TH 12 Lvl 187 Heroes: 65/65/39 #2VURP90QR
    TH9 Lvl 104 Heroes: 22/20 #YGRQLQYUY

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    Sydney, Australia

    U8 Legion Are Looking For Max TH10+ To Take Our Clan From Great To Stratospheric

    Calling all max TH10+ who...

    - Are active Daily
    - Donate on a ratio of at least 2:1 (Request to donate)
    - Like to do clan games (but no real pressure to get the full 4000 as we always max out)
    - Love to war (but we don’t mind if you opt out)
    - Are big on CWL (but again, we don’t mind if you opt out)

    Our Achievements

    - We have reached Level 10
    - We are Crystal I in CWL and expect to be in Masters III by the end of CWL
    - We are a very active clan with no rushed bases
    - Out of the 126 wars we have played, we have won 101 of them

    About Us And Our Personalities

    - We like to win wars but also don’t mind if you don’t always get 3
    - We’re a pretty chilled clan
    - We have lots of people with multiple accounts so we don’t mind at all if you bring more than one
    - We donate a lot and won’t leave your requests hanging
    - We welcome any returning players to the game

    How To Find Us

    - Our clan is U8 Legion
    - Our tag is #92VJ9RY8
    - If you like the sound of us, welcome home 😉

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