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Thread: new hero idea

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    new hero idea

    i was thinking the next hero could have cool mechanic (like the heavy from boom beach) where (s)he can attack and move at the same time but the closer that (s)he is from the more damage (s)he does

    special ability - Charge: as well temporary gaining a health regen, a haste spell appear (like rage for bk) for her/him and nearby troops

    (logic: since (s)he get closer to the target faster (s)he will do more damage)

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    Since there is already a Hero that regains health and rages with their special, also one that is a machine that has a charge special. What big factor will set this Hero apart to make it more unique other than increase damage/speed the closer it is to something?

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    Since the 4th hero has already been made and will week in less than 2 months , there is no point in suggesting anything about it , maybe for 5th one

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