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Thread: Tower Fusions, a New Concept

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    Tower Fusions, a New Concept

    This isn't the same as stacking two buildings on eachother, rather it is taking two specific towers, I'll use an example, and forming a completely new defense.

    Here is one idea, the Inferno Cannon. This would be a fusion between an inferno tower and a cannon. The IC would shoot fireballs similarly to the Lava Launcher, then it would create a 3x3 puddle of fire where it would increase damage over the 5 seconds it exists. It would be 3 tiles large.

    These would be built in the Laboratory, which gets a roof expansion for fusing buildings. You can infuse them any time.
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    Probably be simpler just to add a new defense rather than combining several in-game structures.

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    Op. You do realize that of this was to take place, we would actively be reducing the number of defense we have? Im sorry but I cant get behind this pme. Now if we get a new cannon that does what you describe, I would be all for it.

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