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Thread: Legend Statistics

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    Legend Statistics

    I was wondering what it takes in order to push for 6000 tophies in the new legend system, I've heard some different methods but I wish to know more specific info and get into the numbers

    Im mostly getting 200 - 220 trophies on offense and losing 180-200 on defense, currently on 5500 range
    at the end of the day, at low trophy range I get around +50 (because I get only 6-7 defenses) but as I climb and get closer to 5500 Im facing a wall and end up with +10 or -10
    the base Im using is more war base style with TH kinda on the egde, its getting tripled about every second day and not many but some 1 stars (on the 5500 range)

    If you are pushing trophies I wish you could tell how is the numbers(avg trophies you lose\gain) going for you as you climb up, Im not asking to reveal any secret nor base just asking for numbers and type of base so I could try to work on it myself

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    what i see is the same maybe 5 bases from 5000 - 5500. there is very little variety. as you start to climb in cups you will start seeing different base designs which are more difficult to 3 star. i am currently sitting just over 5500. i have no secrets and am gaining on average 30 to 40 cups per day. i seem to have hit the same wall though.

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    What are you using for your troop comp?

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    Track your global rank at the end of each day as it relates to how many cups you gain each day. I tracked this for months. My wall is at 15000ish global rank. At this point I will lose cups or gain less than 10. Each person will hit the wall at a different global rank based on thier skill level.

    How do you improve your skill? This is a question often asked in chess also. You reach a certian level of skill naturally and easily. To get past the "wall" in chess and in clash requires huge effort. You might have to learn new attack type and become a expert at it. You will very likely get worse before getting past the wall.

    It is humbling but the answer as to why this happens is simply that other players are better than you. Much much better in my case. lol
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    IRvN, those who climb higher than you ate simply tripling more often. I am in the same boat as you, often finishing the season around 5500. I get anywhere from 160-230 on attacks, and average probably 180-190 on defenses - maybe 1-2 triples a day. If you watch any of Itzus legends day videos, you’ll see that a bad day for him is 2-4 triples. He, and others of higher rank, will likely average 240-260 in our cup range.

    Do, as Yeuts said, get better.

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    My assumption is , we need to get atleast 6 triples in a day to go higher
    I end up with no 3 stars to 2-3 three stars a day , and I hover around 5400~5500 trophies

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