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    I buy diamonds with boosters, and sometimes decorations. I pay, I play. No regrets.

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    I used to buy the $70 diamond deal when it was offered. I've spent that much for "real" games (Call of Duty, Doom, stuff like that), and I've played Hay Day a lot more than any of them. I've never bought a diamond package just to get a decoration. I have so many decorations I don't have room to display them all. I don't need more.

    I'm not using diamonds much any more, so I'm not buying them. Like Spartan1, the expansion item limit is really impacting my style of play, and I'm playing less. I used to keep Tom hired, but now it's just not worth it. I don't play enough to get full use of him. Maybe if you got X number of uses of him, rather than a fixed number of days.
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