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Thread: Blossom derby strategy

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    Blossom derby strategy

    Is everyone trying to do all blossom tasks? or are you taking other 320's as well?
    Mostly curious because there are only 3 people in my hood, so we only get 2 blossom tasks at a time. Since we all work, and schedules conflict, if I only do blossom tasks, I have a lot of down time, stuck waiting on them to complete the existing tasks.

    I feel like if I don't do some of the other 320's coming up that aren't blossom, we won't be able to finish the week.

    Thoughts? suggestions? Thanks!

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    If you want the gold cup, you will probably want to do all blossom.

    But if you are not worried about the trophy and only want to finish, you are probably safe doing 320s as long as you are not in a super aggressive group of 15.

    Good luck!

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    It is very hard to predict, but if your goal is to finish all tasks, achieve all the thresholds and stay out of the bottom 3, doing some blossom tasks and some 320’s is probably a safe bet.

    As milomilomilo said, if you get put into an aggressive lineup, you could end up in the bottom 3.

    Since there are only 4 of us doing the derby, we try to choose tasks that are quick for all of us to do. Train, wheat, mining, help etc, are our go to tasks. We also stagger the trashing, so that each round of trashing allows us a chance to trash a blossom task that is no favorable for a small hood.
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    We do blossom first if we can finish fast, then do other 320's while we are waiting. In small hoods it is easy to communicate which ones you have done, that can be trashed.
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