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Thread: Th 11 war clan castle

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    Th 11 war clan castle

    What do you think its the best troops in cc at war ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurentiu99 View Post
    What do you think its the best troops in cc at war ?
    The best cc is one that surprises the attacker.

    Several viable options are, but not limited to:
    -mass archer
    -baby d/valk/witch/loon

    If you are expecting the enemy to spam edrags I would suggest witch/archer or mass archer.

    If you are expecting some type of pekka attack or qc/qw, I suggest hound/loon.

    Design of base also has an impact on troops effectiveness in war, as some designs are more inviting to certain strategies, so in this case the cc should counter those. Secondly, the synergy between the defending troops and the base design, if the attacker enters where you expect them to.

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