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Thread: Have Not Seen The $50 Or $100 Special Offers All Year?

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    Have Not Seen The $50 Or $100 Special Offers All Year?

    I always purchase the 99.99 for gems anytime I buy them so Iím confused to why I donít see the more expensive offers if there is any anymore. I want the best offers for Black Friday and December. Anyone know if they did away with the bigger offers? Just want to make sure Iím not missing out, thanks

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    Yea now that you mention it, they havent been around in a while! I did however buy the 2.99$ 4k gem offer for TH2-9 for one of my minis!!!! Now that was a deal!!!!!

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    Been so many $1.99 deals the past year, a lot better value then the $100 mega packs.
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    i wish one of the big packs would include a huge pack of missed statues or skins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    Been so many $1.99 deals the past year, a lot better value then the $100 mega packs.
    I used to buy "tons" of mega packs. I find the $5 and smaller deals are working just fine right now.

    There are so many ways to make resources now that the mega packs aren't as necessary at least for me.
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    Just wondering why you’d spend $100 on a game. Though I buy the gold pass but I don’t even have a job so I shouldn’t complain
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    Yeah I would like to see 100$ Gem Pack with 5/6 x value in the December Black Friday Deal. It means 70000 / 84000 gems offer at the same price.

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