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Thread: Dark Elixir Strategy w/ Archer Queen

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    Dark Elixir Strategy w/ Archer Queen

    Does this strategy still work as of today?

    Basically, it's a Queen Walk but you're directing her to the enemy's dark elixir storage. 😁

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    Hmm , I don't think you can
    we have many other better ways to farm DE
    try Loonion or Miners or Archers or Goblins

    PS : even when that strat was OP , never used it
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    Healers were nerfed soon after that vid, so currently you wouldn't be able to do something similar unless you have a high level queen vs low level defenses. Or you'd have to rage the healers at least a couple times.

    My advice for all TH9s: Don't attack any base unless it has >2500 DE. Don't worry about G & E anymore like you did TH2-8. They'll naturally accumulate. If you come across a dead base with tons of G & E but very little DE, skip it! Don't waste your time on it. Your #1 and only focus at TH9 should be DE. Once you go to TH10 you can shift focus back to G & E.

    I still do a goblin knife with my TH9 minis. 15 giants, 10 wiz, 10 wallbreakers, the rest goblins, 2 heal, 1 rage, 1 jump. It's effective & easy, but you use almost a full army every time. Elixir doesn't matter so don't worry about that. I keep nothing in my queue, do an attack, then quick train the previous army, come back in a half hour. Do that all day every day.

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