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Thread: Reduced drop rates for permits in Derby and Valley?

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    Only 1 permit this time in the valley, before around 4.

    Never much permits in derby, either 1 or 0.

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    One in the valley, none in the derby (but we didn't make the last two columns, and also I don't shuffle).
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    first week after the update, i've got 2 puzzle pieces and two permits, i was happy thinking that, they put more permits, but they give also more ...

    Well not, this week no permits at all on the derby, i shuffled once, not any one appears ... i wait this week to make an opinion, having one week on each side ... on the valley, 2 permits ... don't find that very much, but hey, this is bonus, i've always said that ...
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    In ave not really noticed a difference except in the Valley. However, Not a single person in our NH have been able to get any of the new decor despite always getting all horseshoes and being top 3. Disappointing.

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    I got 1 permit and 1 puzzle piece in the valley and am lucky to get one in my derby horseshoes at any time but that goes back further than the last update,.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsi View Post
    For the life of me, i cannot understand the rationale behind the low droprate of permits.
    Is logic, we need to keep playing derby (shuffle rewards with diamonds) and valley

    I just don't focus to much on permits anymore
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    If they did more permits, people would open more land ... when they run out of expansion space they'll demand more, ad infinitum - might as well restrict it now.
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    We just unlocked the 4th row this derby and it has a permit in it also the 3rd row has a puzzle piece and the second has the fishing gnome
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    Quote Originally Posted by PedrosPlotThickens View Post
    If they did more permits, people would open more land ... when they run out of expansion space they'll demand more, ad infinitum - might as well restrict it now.
    Completely agree with this

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    Quote Originally Posted by QBIE View Post
    Have never gotten more than 1 permit per derby and I donít reshuffle.
    I guess I should never say never: last horseshoe reached (7 of 8, because iím solo in the expert league and donít do the extra task to get the last horseshoe) and two permits in this weekís derby! Woohoo!

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