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Thread: Reduced drop rates for permits in Derby and Valley?

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    Reduced drop rates for permits in Derby and Valley?

    Since the last update, Iíve gotten a lot fewer permits as Derby and Valley prizes. Iím wondering if Iíve just been unluckyóor if SC has intentionally reduced the drop rates.

    In previous Valley seasons, I got 5 or 6 permits as prizes. This season I have only one.

    Before the update, I usually got at least one permit as a horseshoe reward, and with 1-2 reshuffles I nearly always got 2. Since the update, I usually donít have have any permits as horseshoe rewards, and with reshuffling Iím rarely able to get more than 1, even though Iíve repeatedly reshuffled 5 times.

    Please share your experience with the derby rewards. I already asked about the Valley prizes, and only one person who responded got more than 2 this seasonóand she had 3. Itís too soon to know if this is a trend, but in combination with what Iíve been seeing with the derby rewards, I wonder if it is. Iíd like to hear about other peopleís experiences with this, because if the drop rates have indeed been reduced, Iím going to cut way back on my reshuffling. Iím willing to spend some diamonds if thereís a reasonable chance of getting 2 permits, but if thereís not, I donít want to keep wasting diamonds.

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    I have zero in derby prizes and 1 in valley
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    I have no permit in this weeks derby prizes so far (before shuffeling). Last week I got one if I remember correctly. My neighbourhood is in champions league and always unlocks all rows. I shuffle only once or not at all if I'm happy with the prizes. I have one puzzle piece this week (without shuffeling) and if I remember correctly I had one last week, too (not sure about if it was before or after shuffeling).

    I don't really play the derby for permits tho, I prefer decorations Unfortunately there aren't any this week but I got the water pump after the update. There are more tapes and screws in my rewards this week (those are my rarest EMs). So I might hold on to these and shuffle to see if a deco shows up

    Edit: I had only 1 permit in the valley this time

    Edit 2: I shuffled once now and got a second puzzle piece but went for the flower boots which also appeared in the same row no permit tho
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    Permit dry spell broken for me. 2 entire months of derbies (Aug and sept) without a single permit. Since the update I believe Iíve gotten 2 from derbies (including this weekís). Have never gotten more than 1 permit per derby and I donít reshuffle.

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    Same here, since update no permits in Derby despite several shuffles. Only play Derby for permits. What is the point of all that extra land if there is no chance of getting permits.

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    I only had one in my Valley prizes this time too... I stopped playing the Valley after earning enough tokens to buy it.
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    For the life of me, i cannot understand the rationale behind the low droprate of permits.

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    Me and a couple friends, 15 farms total, nobody had more than 1 (or none!) Permits from the valley. So, yes, SC tweaked the permit spawn, we are all convinced about that. Just way too much of a coincidence to be just..a coincidence.
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    2 permits in valley, 1 in derby. Lots of puzzle pieces

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    I got only 1 permit in last derby but got 2 puzzle pieces for the zerbra. Better than nothing.

    Yes this valley season is a disappointing gyp!

    Lack of permits and one account has lack of the secondary prizes like ditches as well. So nothing to play for except that 1 scroll the the 40 diamonds. The remainder of tokens are used to get one of those boosters that go directly into my collection. I can later swap it out free for a good booster that comes along in regular play.

    Had thought about not playing because of that. At least I got to learn the new layout so if the next season that will give a worthy payoff, I will be ready.

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