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    How are truck repairs (yours and others) working for you?

    Are your broken trucks getting fixed? And are you finding broken trucks to repair when thatís one of your daily tasks?

    Based on my experience, the truck repair feature of the Valley isnít working the way I think it was intended. Iíve had 4 broken trucks so far this season, and none of them has been repaired. And when Iíve had a daily task to fix a broken truck, Iíve never seen one. In fact I havenít seen a single broken truck all season (aside from mine).

    After all the pleas to SC to get rid of the broken truck feature, I donít think thatís going to happen. But if enough other people have the same experience Iíve had, maybe SC will get rid of the daily quest to repair them. Itís frustrating to get an impossible taskóand it isnít just this season that itís been impossible for me. Since the Valley opened, I havenít seen a single broken truck when I had a daily task to repair one.

    Please share your experience about how this feature has been working for you. What has your ďrepair recordĒ been?

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    I had a broken truck, & no one fixed it, so got impatient & used diamonds. I have not seen any to fix though.

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    Had plenty of breakdowns, none of which were repaired by other players, and never seen another broken truck.

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    When my valleys have been active (not the current one) Iíve been able to repair othersí trucks. I think only once I had the task but never saw a truck to repair. My own truck has broken down several times but of all the Valley seasons has only been repaired once

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvHayDay View Post
    Are your broken trucks getting fixed? And are you finding broken trucks to repair when that’s one of your daily tasks?

    Based on my experience, the truck repair feature of the Valley isn’t working the way I think it was intended. I’ve had 4 broken trucks so far this season, and none of them has been repaired. And when I’ve had a daily task to fix a broken truck, I’ve never seen one. In fact I haven’t seen a single broken truck all season (aside from mine)....
    During the current season, my truck broke down 4 times and I would log off and return to the Valley a few hours later. It's an unplanned break for me and I dealt with it by doing something else.

    What's different about this season is that I was able to repair trucks unlike previous seasons. I'd like to suggest Team Hay Day implement a proximity alert like this when our trucks are close to broken trucks.

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    I have been able to repair the trucks that were broken down near me but I did not see that many. The two times mine broke down it was fixed when I next came into the valley.

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    I've had a few breakdowns this season, but usually send my mini in for the repair, if other hoodie isn't on. I don't recall seeing any other broken down trucks.

    My truck broke down just a little while ago. I sent mini farm to its location, but this didn't "automatically" repair my truck. Mini drove one marker away, then back to my truck before it was able to be repaired.

    But I do agree it's a frustrating feature, though I understand the "helping others" aspect of it, as well as an additional source of diamond expenditure.

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    My NH members stay close to each other, so we’re able to repair each other’s trucks pretty well. I had a repair truck quest that I wasn’t able to fulfill one day, otherwise, I was able to do the other repair quests and find trucks to repair. I noticed most unknown trucks that I’ve repaired just remain in place, and I guessed the person had left the game for the duration of the breakdown. It made me glad a few days ago to be able to repair an unknown player’s truck and see them moving shortly afterward. I was relieved I could spare them the aggravation. I feel bad when I see broken trucks too far away for my fuel reserve, and no one repairs them.

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    My truck broke down several times and if I didnít repair it with my mini farm then it was left broken until the timer ran out. The repairs were successful when I did them with mini farm.

    I must say that the valley my truck was dumped in isnít an all too active valley as just 4 days before the season ends we collected 100 chickens and I know there were days I alone collected 3-5 chickens but Iím sure I collected 2 a day on average at least.

    I think I helped a broken truck once or twice and spotted a truck once or twice way across the map. No way Iím driving that distance.

    We do have to realize that finding a broken truck isnít all that easy. Luckily trucks donít break down that often -if they did it would be way more frustrating so we mustnít want them to break more- and when they do break down itís only a short window of 2 hours, we also donít want a larger broken window as that would frustrate us players much more when it does break down. So of course when the 2 hours pass the truck is fixed again. Not to mention some players might even use diamonds to speed it up so even less opportunity to find a broken truck. That doesnít give one much time to find a broken truck and repair it.

    All these things considered its really a very slim chance of finding a broken truck anywhere near to your location. The funny thing is I do find it a fun touch in the valley that the truck can break down and others can help repair it.

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    I have not seen a broken down truck although mine breaks down way too often. Usually I’m doing something like a delivery as part of the daily tasks and it’s either use diamonds or hope I can get back to the game before the task expires. Normally it expires so I find this part of the valley so frustrating I don’t do a lot of valley stuff. This time I am because I’m a sucker for deco and I want the plane. I can’t imagine really getting into the valley though as long as the broken down truck thing remains. No one ever fixed mine and when I see it as part of the daily task I don’t even try to complete the others because I know I am not going to find a broken down truck to repair.

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