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    I posted my nightmare truck repair story here:

    Fortunately I haven't gotten another truck repair task so far (fingers crossed it stays that way). I think I have seen and repaired one other truck since then, the automatic repair did work but I stopped at their tile just to make sure (in case the drive by repair didn't work). My truck breaks down frequently (about every 3 days I would say) I have been helped once. At least I only realized it once. Usually if my truck breaks down, I don't go into the valley for the next 2 hours at least (because it annoys me so much) so I might not have noticed.
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    My truck never repaired, and I have seen exactly 1 broken truck. Since I presume the player has left the valley - after all, why would they stay -, no point in going out of my way to try to fix, since that probably would not work.

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    Broken truck and road side surprises go hand in hand, a truck get either of these after having driven through a certain number of road stops. This number is much higher this season than prevously. Those who accumulated lots of fuel will tell you they break down more often than those who don't (they travel more).

    I usually play at the same time with several others in my hood, our trucks are fixed quite quickly though I don't mind being broke down. If anyone wants fixing a truck as a quest, they could post in hood chat to be notifie when one of us spot one. I broke down about 3 times, found several roadside surprises and haven't had any quest to repair a truck till now (its probability seems to be changed as well please don't jinx me). We have only 80 dots to reach now, I can miss 4 quests and still reach the last chest. Sounds good to me!

    My Valley this season is quite active, I have seen others braking down as well (far far away); I check the Valley quite often as well to monitor order request + chicken.
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    This has worked for me three times. If I come to a broken down truck, I park on it's spot. It never lets me repair it upon first arrival. I totally close out the game app, reload, go back to the valley, and it always lets me repair without leaving the spot and using fuel. This is on an Apple iOS.

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    It happened to me too on an Apple iOS.

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    I repair my own trucks. Sometimes I just go to another account and let it time out if the buildings around do not have favorable color of tokens.

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    I have never been repaired. This season is the 1st time I saw a broken down truck and wasted gas to get there. I was unable to fix it. Nothing happened when I clicked on it. What's supposed to happen?

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    In a game where nothing is supposed to die, and pigs can give bacon and only lose weight, who do the trucks break down?
    Also, is it just me, or does the truck breakdown happen the first or second move in a new valley day?
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    I always repair my own trucks using diamonds, although it doesn’t happen that often for me. I’ve tried waiting before, but no one ever repaired it for me and I was more focused on collecting chickens. My neighbourhood only has 3 active players and it’s difficult to find each other because of the clouds and because we play at different times of the day. We have only collected 91 chickens this season and my neighbourhood thinks we have collected almost all of them (definitely 80). I’m not too sure how we are matched with other neighbourhoods in the valley, but I would be grateful if someone could clarify whether it is possible to be matched with completely inactive neighbourhoods, ie people that don’t even play the game any more? Thank, Jen

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    I fixed a truck yesterday, just by parking next to it.
    I think the best approach is just like collect chicken tasks ... if there's not one nearby - come back in an hour or two and see if you have what you need.

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