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Thread: Looking for adult, active, fun clan... want LEADER

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    Looking for adult, active, fun clan... want LEADER

    I have a near max th12, and a progressing th11. Neither are rushed.

    th12 is AQ 65, BK 60+, GW 35+. All Elixir troops maxed. All lvl 11+ walls. About 90 days out from max defense.

    looking to bring in several similar level bases from my previous clan with a crappy new leader.

    hoping youíll make me leader to prove how many I can bring in.

    lvl 10+ clans only.

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha needed a good Sunday laugh!

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    Stop by and we will chat...Idols & Anchors #P8QPR9R2. Interested in what you've said so far. I hope by leader you mean a co-leader, if you do mean leader, good luck with the search.

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    This is hilarious. I would never give co-leader to anyone who hasnít proven themselves in the clan. They would b able to boot your whole clan. Be careful how desperate you are for members.
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    lol no way.
    i once saw on global someone offer a th11 leader, guess what happened, that troll kicked everyone out of the very trusting player's clan then removed the clan.
    Everyone in global said no to it, but that one poor th6 said yes. (I was th9 at the time, and th11 had only just arrived).

    Most clans use promotion through deeds and potential loyalty.

    OP has neither.
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    I can't decide, there are two folks looking for a level 10+ clan to lead. I'm really torn which one to give it to. Perhaps i will just keep my clan for now.

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