12 Mutineers we're a friendly, active, organised but casual community, recruiting players of th9 and above who are keen to partake in wars & cwl. We are a UK based clan with members also from USA, Australia, and Canada. Our clan games are always completed quickly & efficiently with large contributions across the clan.

Request to join in game by stating age location in request.
Or on discord - TBsttBz

Clan rules -
*all heroes must be up when partaking in war/cwl
*only donate/request Max troops for war defence & offence.
(Farming/pushing requests any level is acceptable)
*we have no set donation requirements, we only ask that you try to best reciprocate what you are requesting, and don't ignore troop requests above yours in clan chat
*clan games, contribute as much as is possible (no freeloading)
*accept the occasional use of bad language, nothing crude or offensive
*be respectful of both genders & all races, we're laid back but won't tolerate hateful speech
*no rushed bases.

12 Mutineers #8YLC9R0R
Discord - TBsttBz