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    Our valley has more chickens than required and again got them fairly easily. I did not see as many as in previous seasons I don’t think.

    I usually travel in a fairly small area, conserving fuel. I do the daily quests immediately. I took the PP and land permit and then concentrated on getting the 1100 of each token. I filled my wallet yesterday and had to purchase something. Sadly only one permit available this season.

    Farm Level 177. Town 54. 😊
    Please PM for farm ID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milomilomilo View Post
    Very similar to this-there is a spot on the map with three blue dot buildings side by side with no yellow dot in between. Every morning I do the daily quests, then go back to my 3 in a row. Hang out there all day, serving those 3 buildings every 4 hours. Repeat next day.
    Could you please tell me where on the map this place is (or some landmarks I can look for)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvHayDay View Post
    Could you please tell me where on the map this place is (or some landmarks I can look for)?
    You can find my place (4 buildings in a row) from the very bottom of the map, more on right (east). Can't play HD right now for more details but at least there are 2 veggie shops very near to each others. And one of them is also one of those 4 in a row buildings.

    Edit: Details: Veggie shop -> go south, turn east -> Diner -> go east -> house -> turn north, turn east -> store. Don't mind the turns, there are no blue spots between buildings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvHayDay View Post
    Could you please tell me where on the map this place is (or some landmarks I can look for)?
    If you look at the map as a clock, it would be at about 7:00. Vegetable stand, hamburger stand, and house with brown roof beside each other.

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    Our small NHís strategy is to find each other at the beginning of the season, and to stick close together. Weíll travel as a little group and find an area in the Valley that seems well designed for movement and access to important buildings, and make that a general base of operations for the group. If a task takes a member unavoidably away, the member will work to get back to the group, and the group will move toward the lost sheep. We like staying together in a proactive way, so we can do group tasks and repair each otherís trucks. Itís also a morale-booster, and more fun, to be with friends in the Valley.
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    Hereís my valley routine, but first you must know that I havenít been fortunate enough to be placed in a very active valley. Most of the time we barely get the 100 chickens a few days before season ends so I try to be active on the chicken hunting department.
    That also causes me to travel all over the map.

    I donít save the spins but I save the fuel. You can store up to 99 fuel. Not that I come close to that number it I like to have at least 20 ish fuel in reserve when starting a new valley day. This helps me to easily finish the daily tasks.
    I also try not to hoard fuel like crazy in the event of unplanned break downs at awful hours.
    Mind you some days I need to use a bit of that back up fuel and other days I work for more fuel and just donít use it all that day but log on every now and then to fill the building my truck is parked at.

    I always park at a building if I can help it. Pretty obvious one as Iím sure most do. This allows for filling a request a few times a day with 0 fuel usage.

    Sun points. It depends on the nature of the sun point tasks. Some days I work a little to get the 20-50-100 & 200 spin but beyond that I never bother. Some days I donít even bother with 200 spin. I try for 100 spin most of the time.

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

    Just call me K, my name is too difficult to spell.
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    There is a load of hidden strategies in Valley that will help a player get the most fun and rewards out of a season of play.
    The first challenge is to discover them.

    Being a new valley layout, I needed a hi-resolution map in the beginning to study the number of spots between buildings. This is very important to be able to get the most tokens out the limited fuel used. You measure your fuel economy based upon tokens per fuel, instead of miles per gallon, or km per liter.
    Being that.... I try to repeat run a route that takes only 1 or 2 tokens to next building. I avoid 3 or more token jumps.
    It did not take me long to find that there is a hot spot in the new valley that has 1 token jumps so I run my truck fleet there for the most time. In there old valley, I had found a lengthy route of buildings that was most economical and ran them, waited until they refreshed and ran back over them.

    I do not concern myself with the quests so much. I usually get them automatically within each 24 hr period without even noticing them.
    From the start of valley I look at the best prizes available that I want to win and what type of tokens required.
    One scroll wants 850 blue tokens, the remainder of my prize goal want about the equal amount tokens. So I try to hit more buildings with blue tokens to make up the difference. Sometimes I have to move away from my hot spot route to find the buildings with the right color of tokens I need. Sometimes I get surrounded by the wrong color token buildings. So I let that truck sit until the buildings refresh.

    Delivery requests- They are only obstacles that I mostly avoid unless the route is in the direction I want to go. Many times the path is way too long and takes a bad direction. They pay no extra tokens and do not even pay off until destination is reaches. So I do not really see any advantage to play a delivery request.

    Group requests - This season they have been paying off a high amount of tokens. So their appearance is welcome. My 5 truck fleet completes all requests in my zone if the chicken is needed.

    Chickens- All 100 have been collected just after mid-season. My fleet got at least ninety percent of the collected amount. No more of being stuck in a death valley. Some things you just got to fix yourself.

    Most time of the game seems to be about making the suns for a fuel spin.

    Fuel wheel- Is there a strategy? It is of course electronic so no manual control. However I say there is some strategy to it that increases chances of getting a 9. Face it though, the wheel is electronically rigged just like the farm wheel. There are times I found the wheel to give repeated 6 no matter where I start it and how I spin it.

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    I do the daily tasks, although I am never able to do the repair truck ones. I do not save spins, but save fuel. I have maxed out my tokens. We have all the chickens. I do not concern myself as to where i am, I just move as I need to to do the tasks.

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