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    Fixed Member Search

    When we try to find new members to our clan and need active players, we're trying to use filters and choose active in everyday. But they're not active. Actually manyone I saw haven't play game for 1 month. Is there any way to determinate players' specialty automaticly?

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    It's easy to detect if someone is active. Look at there base. If they keep the traps loaded, tombstones removed, even trees cut down, then you can assume they are active. Same thing with CWL and Clan Games. Those little details are clues of activity. If someone is inactive, well, you are a human, you have the intelligence of reasoning. You can decide.

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    It's an idea but take our time. Time is money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by falamala View Post
    It's an idea but take our time. Time is money.
    Following that logic, I guess we should get paid for everything we do online. Guess all those cat videos need to pay us as well.

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