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Thread: Gems being usable for in-shop offers

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    Gems being usable for in-shop offers

    I and many, have ubiquitus gems aquired, seeking for other ways to valuably spend them. I feel there should have been this option ages ago as gems are precious but (basically) unspendable after the 5 builder huts have been purchased. An example of my point is, in the shop, instead of paying E.X 5.00 for a special 5X offer, you could pay in 5.00 worth of gems. My point has been thoroughly executed through this message and I hope this will be added to the game sooner or later.

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    Doubtful this will ever happen. Supercell is able to operate as a company only through cash sales. Those incentives are there so people are tempted to take advantage of a good deal and give money to Supercell which in turn supports their company which in turn allows them to continue development on this game. Further, they give away gems for free. Why would they want to give away their cash offers for free?

    If you want to buy items with gems, buy them from the Trader.
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    The value packs and gold pass can be purchased only with money since that is the primary intention of the offer. However, one can still buy with gems resources/shield/guard or use gems to finish work quickly.
    You can always buy stuff from trader using gems.
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