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Thread: Everyone has a full inbox. [RANT]

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    Everyone has a full inbox. [RANT]

    The tag i chose is "clan wars". Every one of the players that is in the list has a full inbox. I hope supercell address this problem asap cuz it's causing quite a lot of frustration. Imagine trying to just find a player who can play clan wars, and find 0 after half an hour because "can't invite player inbox is full". (probably don't need to imagine, most clan leaders experienced this.)

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    Yea it's terrible

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    I must admit I feel completely unable to recruit in game anymore. The people who have attempted to join are not prompted by the clan and it is completely random who knocks on our door... I'm hoping it will somehow improve. I like to actively recruit as leader and am struggling to see how this has improved things at the moment.

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    agreed - the new recruiting tool is worthless. which forces me to try to find new ways in areas other than playing clash. which makes my clan more inactive cause I'm on here scouring message boards looking for recruits that are being jumped on by other clans that seem to be on the forums 24/7. there has to be a better way.
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    i've even resorted to asking in other games I play on other platforms if anyone plays clash...

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    The recruiting tool is a waste of time. Too many inbox full messages. Anyone worth inviting has full inbox or co leader or in some instances leader of a clan. Any good recruits we have had join since the update have asked to join. The tool has produced next to nothing. Supercell should have beta tested b4 implementation. BRING BACK GLOBAL! at least it worked!

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    I have to disagree with the feeling of this thread. As a maxed th10 who's been flying solo for a long týme my inbox has been empty since before the closure of global. The fault lies on the individual clans complete failure to diversify in their recruitment processes. Global was never intended to be for recruiting purposes. It was meant to be a place where players could chat, exchange ideas & relax within the wider community.

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