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Thread: Everyone has a full inbox. [RANT]

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    Everyone has a full inbox. [RANT]

    The tag i chose is "clan wars". Every one of the players that is in the list has a full inbox. I hope supercell address this problem asap cuz it's causing quite a lot of frustration. Imagine trying to just find a player who can play clan wars, and find 0 after half an hour because "can't invite player inbox is full". (probably don't need to imagine, most clan leaders experienced this.)

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    Yea it's terrible

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    I must admit I feel completely unable to recruit in game anymore. The people who have attempted to join are not prompted by the clan and it is completely random who knocks on our door... I'm hoping it will somehow improve. I like to actively recruit as leader and am struggling to see how this has improved things at the moment.

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