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    Bring global back

    Iím sooo bored with this game. SC better plan to update more than twice a year if they want my money. I miss global and will not pay another dime to this game for various reasons: 1) i have no way to measure my success- which global provided 2) i donít care about my success -which global was integral in 3) i want to have new clan mates - which global allowed. I will continue to play for a little while, because i have invested so much. But soon (and idk if Iíll make it to the update) i will quit and take my money elsewhere. I love this game, but i havenít stayed with a game longer than a year that didnít have a social aspect... RIP clash, you will be remembered with my all time favorite game, HALO (which i no longer play)

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    Then please be a good team player and place your collectors and storage outside your walls

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    hello supercell good afternoon.
    I am very happy to see the October update yesterday, a very fresh new look, but after the global chat was removed I feel bored, I am also happy not to see disrespectful words in global chat, but after missing the global chat I find it hard to find players active, even though they keep tags and without the clan, after being invited they still don't come into the clan, we in the clan so it is hard to find players who are really active,

    I have a proposal regarding this, what if global chat is added again, but active players who are looking for an active clan, cannot chat in global chat, can only send their own criteria and clan criteria that are sought, so that it remains easy to invite clans , if necessary, the state symbol can be saved as well, so that we can still know which players are active and not active, enough until here, my review, I hope it can be considered, even manifested, thanks Supercell, I am very love clash of clans ... clash on

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlannelMan11 View Post
    I miss global and will not pay another dime to this game for various reasons: 1) i have no way to measure my success- which global provided 2) i don’t care about my success -which global was integral in.
    Why would you use global chat to measure your success in clash?
    How does one measure success in clash? Is being fully maxed out considered success? Maxing out both villages? Being at the top of the leader boards on both villages or either one? Always scoring a 3 star in your war attacks?
    All of these? More?
    Again, why would the opinions of complete strangers in a video game be in any way, shape, form, or fashion a good means to "measure" your "success" in clash?

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